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June 20, 2015

Hide and Seek is a series similar to popular kid's game Hide and Seek. It is usually played by Aphmau and accompanied by several YouTubers or some characters from her roleplay series.

The game revolves around one seeker and a few hiders, in a large map. From there, the seeker must find the hiders before the time runs out.

In the series, a mod is added to make the game more interesting. When a mod is used, the seeker often wears a costume to distinguish themselves from the other players. Once a hider is tagged by a seeker, they wear a costume similar to the seeker and must find the remaining players. The map used also corresponds to the mod used. For example, when using the Five Nights at Freddy's mod, the players are placed at a pizza restaurant. 

Regulars in the Series

  • Barney (ThatGuyBarney)
  • Adam (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Ross (HouseOwner)
  • Jin (JinBop)
  • Lizzie (LDShadowLady)
  • Other guests
  • Red (RedVactor)
  • Max (Mithzan)
  • Jorden (CaptinSparkles)

Maps (With Friends)

  • Five Nights at Freddy's (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Jin)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (With, Aureylian, CaptainSparklez, and SquatingYeti)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and MunchingBrotato)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Deadlox)
  • Minions (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Jin)
  • Minions (With, LDShadowlady, StacyPlays, and Yammy-xox)
  • Minions (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and OkwardIndustries)
  • IHOP (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Jin)
  • Yandere-Simulator (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Jin)
  • Yandere-Simulator (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and OkwardIndustries)
  • Attack on Titans (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and CaptainSparklez)
  • Olive Garden (With, Ross, Adam, Barney, and Jin)
  • Doggy Hide and Seek (With, Stacy, Tiffany, and Lizzie)
  • Santa's Workshop (With, Ross, Adam, and Barney)
  • Doggy HIde and Seek Winter (With, Ross, Adam, and Barney)
  • Kawaii~Mobs Mod (With, Ross, Max, and Barney)
  • five night at Freddy 's(with,Lizzie Joel, Yammy)

Male Hider Rank

  • 1st. Ross (Winner)
  • 2nd. Adam (Runner-up)
  • 3rd. Okward (Semi-final)
  • 4th. Barney (Loser-final:safe)
  • 5th. Jin (Loser-final:lose)
  • 5th(Draw with Jin). Joel (Loser-final:lose)
  • 6th. Captainsparklez (Qualifier)
  • 7th. Deadlox (Qualifier)
  • 8th. MunchingBrotato (Qualifier)

Male Seeker Rank

  • 1st. Jin (Winner)
  • 2nd. Adam (Runner-up)
  • 3rd. Ross (Semi-final)
  • 4th. Okward (Loser-final:lose)
  • 5th. Barney (Loser-final:Lose)
  • 6th. Deadlox (Loser-final:safe)
  • 7th. CaptainSparklez (Qualifier)
  • 8th. Munching Brotato (Qualifier)

The person who had most score is actually Adam but everybody thought is Ross win but Adam is Runner-up and Winner for a hider and seeker rank meanwhile Ross had a winner and a semi-final for a rank, Brotato can't win with his two low scores.

Female Hider Rank

  • 1st. Tiffany(Winner)
  • 2nd. Aphmau(Runner-up)
  • 3rd.Yammy(Loser-final:safe)
  • 4th. Stacy (Loser-final:lose)
  • 5th. Aureylian (Qualifier)
  • 6th. Lizzie (Qualifier)

Note: There's no Semi-final Tiffany still get lower score than Yammy and Aphmau.

Female Seeker Rank

  • 1st. Aphmau (Winner)
  • 2nd. Stacy (Runner-up)
  • 3rd. Tiffany (Semi-final)
  • 4th. Aureylian (Loser-final:lose)
  • 5th. Yammy (Loser-final:safe)
  • 6th. Lizzie (Qualifier)

Yammy and Aphmau's hider scores almost tied but Yammy won as a hider alone three times by a row while Aphmau only once, Tiffany can make it to the semi-final of the hider's rank but her scores is more lower than Yammy and Aphmau so semi-final been skip, Lizzie had no chance for winning due she is really low with two rank subject she is the last one.

Antagonists Seeker's

They are the people that have to seek the hider's so hider's can be the seeker helper.

Five Night at Freddy's World

  • Location= Freddy Fazzbear inside Restaurant (Formerly), Freddy Fazzbear outside Restaurant (also had the kid house,Formerly), New Freddy Pizzeria (Currently)


  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie
  • Chica (when a hider get tag only)
  • Plushtrap (Only in one video)
  • Nightmare (Only when play hide n seek outside of the restaurant)
  • Fredbear (Only when play hide n seek outside of the restaurant)
  • Puppet/Marionette (A common seeker)
  • Balloon Boy (When a hider get tag only)(Adam's favorite person)
  • Foxy (A hider can using his costume for fooling a seeker)
  • Mangle (Not very seen much)
  • Golden Freddy

Most of the seeker in FNAF world is hard to avoid (especially Marionette, due to his long hands and his height tall) and hard to tag hider due to darkness but Jess created a flashlight to tag hider's.

IHOP World

  • Location= IHOP Mart


  • Bacon
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Blueberry

This world is small and you can tag hider's easily but if you shift and sit in the chair with the other NPC's the seeker don't now you're the hider.

Minion World

  • Location= Vector Lab's


  • Minion's (With half of a character skin)

The world is have many lot of secret place to hide but the seeker has a speed that can't be defeat and sometimes the secret place got busted there's a glass that can be braked and a secret place but already known by everybody.

Attack on Titan World

  • Location= Wood Town


  • Titan Monster (With half of your character skin)

This world had a grappling hook for jump to rooftop, tree, but this place is not very good for hiding.

Yandere Simulator World

  • Location= Akademi High School

Monster Creator (also a seeker)

  • Yandere-Chan (Or Ayano Aishi)


  • Skeleton (When a hider is tagged by a Seeker)

This world had the darkest atsmosphere due to a hider turn into a Skeleton because of tag and even though the world's is big the seeker skin only 2 and there's senpai (NPC only).

Olive Garden World

  • Location= Olive Garden Restaurant


  • Breadsticks
  • Pizza
  • Pasta

The world is big in the inside but small in the outside because hider hard to find a hiding place in outside so they hide in inside of a building.

Doggy Park's World

  • Location= Dog Park

Evil Dog's:

  • Dog Labadore
  • Dog Poodle
  • White Dog

This world is small but attractive and the seeker is really fast because it's a dog but it's hard due became a small dog the seeker can be really sneaky to tag a hider.

Santa's Workshop

  • Location= Santa's Workshop


  • Elf
  • Snowman
  • Santa Claus' Reindeer (Blitzen, Rudolph and Cupid are the only ones seen in Aphmau's POV)



  • Kawaii Enderman
  • Kawaii Skeleton
  • Kawaii Ghast
  • Kawaii Blaze
  • Kawaii Creeper
  • Kawaii Silverfish


  • Gmod Hide and Seek

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