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1000+ (AKA Ancient)



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Pale Blue

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Divine Warriors

  • Witch
  • Protector of the Sacred Forest

Lord Luke (Husband; Deceased)

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Lucinda (Daughter)


Hyria (MyStreet)

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"Into the Forest"

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Hyria is a witch who lives and protects the Sacred Forest, the entire forest in the middle of the Ru'aun region. She is the one who makes the forest a maze-like mess, making it hard to get out and hard to find your way. However, there are ways to get to certain areas of the forest in particular walking patterns. She captures Aphmau and Chad in S2 E45.

In episode 46, Hyria has a flashback on her time with Irene in the Irene dimension; as they were friends. She welcomes Aphmau into her home and starts having a conversation with her. After their conversation, Hyria goes upstairs to make a potion to cure Aphmau, but Aphmau becomes curious and looks around the house, Aphmau finds a picture of Lucinda as a child and Hyria explains that she hasn't seen her daughter for more than 32 years and that she was a prodigy witch at age of 10. After the brewing is over, she cures Aphmau of her Meif'wa ears and gives her a satchel filled with more of the potion and tells her to follow a fairy she summoned to lead her to her friends and then out of the forest.

In Episode 48, Lucinda and Aphmau arrive to Phoenix Drop, Dante greets them and tell her that a witch with a group of familiars had arrived at the gates.

In the ending of Season 2 Episode 100, Hyria reveals the story about Lady Irene. She talks about the history of the Divine Warriors and the descendants. Hyria then reveals that Aphmau is Lady Irene. Aphmau then has memories of being Lady Irene. She thinks of Enki, Shad the Destroyer and Esmund. Aphmau told her that she is bearing an unborn child with the father the former lord of Falconclaw and the descendant of Shad, Hyria then realized that child as the one bearing the blood of the forces of good and evil and ponders on its fate in the future. Hyria reassure Aphmau to absorb all the information as she leaves her house to go back to Phoenix Drop.

Aphmau later visited Hyria in the Sacred Forest along with Garroth, Alina and Lilith to help the latter two stay safe after reports of Pikoro Village being destroyed by Shadow Knights who are on the manhunt for Alina, in S3, episode 18.

After being asked questions about seeing flashbacks of Irene's life, Hyria theorized that Shad's relic and Irene's relic are calling out to each other and possibly Irene placed part of her memories in her Eric before she fell into slumber. She unfortunately isn't allowed to tell anyone what Irene told her directly as part of her will. After Aphmau heard that information, Hyria decided to give Aphmau a new change of clothes since Shad saw her and gave her a communication device so she can contact her and Garroth along with a necklace as a safety precaution to avoid running into Shad or his Knights for a while.

Hyria then hears Garroth speaking to Aphmau in the communicator, but knowing that someone else is impersonating her due to sensing dark magic, she took the communicator and smashed it, explaining to Garroth that he is potentially leaching information to Aphmau's enemies due to the magic in ep 29. This ultimately led to the amulets being unlinked.

Hyria then explains that although the amulets can no longer communicate with Aphmau, unless there is another magic user that can fix it, she is going to send magical messenger birds that will sense Aphmau's amulet and will find her and report of her whereabouts back to them, though the time is much longer. She then says that Alina and Lilith are going to send them and will teach them how to deliver one.


She has pale gray with a tint of light blue hair and light bluish purple eyes and wears a witch hat on her head. She wears a light purple scarf over her shoulders and her hair. She wears a long gray sleeved shirt with a brown belt over blue pants.

In Season 3, her outfit scheme is more magenta pink in color.


Hyria is the protector of the Sacred forest, therefore she must be pretty brutal to people she comes across with. Though, she is actually a warm-hearted person.


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