Into the Ruins
Season 2, Episode 67
Post Date

February 16th, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"A Demon's Son"

"Ancient Secrets"

"Into the Ruins" is the sixty-seventh episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on February 16th, 2016. It runs for 15 minutes and 47 seconds.


"The group delves into the ruins. How deep will they go?"

Episode Overview

The episode starts with a view of the strange ruins Aphmau, Katelyn, Vylad, Laurance, Chad, and Travis came across last episode. Aphmau asks what it was, and the rest of the group discuss what it could be.

Travis mentions that he hasn't even seen it in his book, however some parts of it he cannot read. When Katelyn asks why he can't read some of the book, Travis replies that he doesn't often practice Witchcraft, and that that could possibly be the reason why.

Aphmau mentions that Hyria encouraged them to come to the island, and that Lucinda might know something about it, but Travis shoots down the idea, saying that Lucinda had harsh feelings for her mother and probably wouldn't share about things like that with her mother. Travis then says that when Hyria came to Phoenix Drop, she appeared to be withholding information, and Aphmau admits that he's right, and that Hyria told her she would discover it on her own.

Explorin with chad

Chad exploring the ruins

After talking a little more, Aphmau looks around and realizes that Chad is

missing. The camera then cuts to Chad down in the ruins, running around and investigating things, then back to Aphmau's point of view. Aphmau groans, and she and the group head down to make sure Chad is safe in the ruins.

Looking for a maniac, do do doo

The group looking for Chad

They slowly investigate the ruins, which look like an old village, calling out Chad's name. Laurance then comes up with an idea, and looks at a rock, exclaiming how interesting it is, and how it might be of educational value. Nothing happens, and Aphmau says that, if he didn't come out to see someone interested in something of educational value, he might be in trouble.

They decide that they might find Chad if they split up, and Travis, Laurence, and Vlad go one way and Katelyn and Aphmau go the other way.

After they split up, Katelyn asks Aphmau how Chad could get down to the ruins so quietly, and Aphmau replies that he's definitely unpredictable. After conversing for a while, Aphmau tells Katelyn that she doesn't have to be so hard on Travis, and Katelyn replies that Aphmau's been saying that a lot recently, then asks if she knew about Travis's relations with the Demon Warlock. Aphmau replies that she did, and that he had told her about it before he had joined their group, and was rather sensitive about it.
Talkin with katelyn

"It seems like you've been saying that a lot recently."

Aphmau assures Katelyn that she can trust him, and Katelyn acknowledges that, but she points out that Aphmau trusts everyone, that she's always looking for the good in people, and that's what makes Aphmau an amazing person, but the world is an uncaring machine, and she would've given up on the place if it weren't for Aphmau.

Katelyn admits that she's simply trying to look out for Aphmau, and Aphmau thanks her, but she states that she doesn't need protecting, because she can do it herself. Katelyn replies that she won't stop worrying, and that she never wants Aphmau's caring side to change.

Katelyn then reminds them both that they're still looking for Chad, and Aphmau admits that she would've heard something from Chad, but she's cut off mid sentence by Chad exclaiming how fascinating the ruins are.


Finding Chad

Aphmau then tries to follow his voice, but she can't tell were he is, and she tries to get Chad to talk again, which she is successful in, as Chad speaks again, asking where she is. They continue to try and find each other by hearing each other's voices bounce off the rocks, and they eventually find each other thanks to Chad's loud voice.

Chad walks towards Aphmau, but he falls into a hole between them and scares Aphmau. Chad then runs off into the tunnels that are connected to the hole, but Aphmau is able to make him stop in time, but he tells her she and Katelyn could go on without him while he explores the tunnel system. Aphmau reluctantly agrees, telling him to be careful, but they're interrupted by Laurence, saying that they heard yelling.

Chad in a hole

Chad when hes fallen into the hole

Aphmau tells her that they found Chad, and when Laurence asks why, Chad replies by telling Laurence that he's in the tunnels, fine and exploring. Laurence says that he's fine, and they can go, and when Aphmau doubts it, Laurence says that they could just jump down and help him. Laurence then suggests that they explore the ruins, and Katelyn agrees, saying that she noticed a big, completed structure at the edge of the ruins.


Katelyn, Aphmau and Laurance looking at the temple.

Aphmau agrees that they could go over there and explore it, and Chad overhears her, asking if they were going to investigate the temple without him. Chad tells them to wait for them, saying that he could find the exit, but Aphmau stops him, saying that he could meet them at the temple later, and Chad reluctantly agrees, saying that he'll meet them there. Aphmau then calls for Katelyn and Laurence, saying its time to explore.

As they run to the temple, thunder and a clock chiming can be heard, and the camera slowly pans up to reveal the temple, which looks strikingly like the structure in the Irene dimension (Garmau fans eat your heart out I guess).


  • Instead of the normal outro music, only thunder can be heard during the end panel.
  • The temple has the same layout to that of the structure in the Irene dimension.
  • The thumbnail for this episode features Katelyn

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