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Ivy's Group


Ivy is first seen accompanied by Alex. The two appear to be close friends, but due to Alex's quiet personality, there is not much to know of how Alex feels. 


Lily is seen with Alex and Ivy in "Cat Fight!," where the trio are seen mocking Aphmau on her height. They appear to be really close and likes to ridicule freshman, such as Aphmau. In PDHS they are cousins. 

Phoenix Drop High


Ivy is said to know Garroth very well, but it is not known if he knows her. She is completely territorial to anyone who shows interest on him. This is shown with Aphmau, a freshman, who had accidentally bumped into him whilst panicking in "First Day of School!"

Other than showing jealousy and disdain to any girl who approach Garroth, it is suggested to have a crush on him to almost obsessive tendencies. 


Their first encounter ended in bad terms. During the first day of school, Ivy showed hostility towards the new student because of Garroth bumping into her. This continued during the first week when Ivy insulted Aphmau because of her short stature. Ivy showed more aggression in "Alone with Him," where she pushed the freshman on the ground, but Aphmau retaliated. As Ivy sat on the floor with a bruise, Hyria went into the locker room to check on the commotion. Ivy's friend Ivy informed the teacher on the situation, but turned into lies as she made Ivy to be the victim. This resulted in Aphmau receiving detention.