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Black/Dark Brown

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"Aaron's Lament" (Flashblack)

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"Aaron's Lament" (Flashblack)

Jacob was the son of Aaron and his wife Lily. He was presumably the couple's only child and therefore was, in his lifetime, the heir to lordship of the town of Falconclaw. He, alongside his mother and the citizens of the town, died when his father touched a magical amulet created by the High Priest Zane. Jacob was about six years old when he died.


Jacob was the son of Aaron and Lily. As seen in Aaron's flashback, Jacob comes home with a strange amulet that Zane gave him. Then Aaron demanded that Jacob give the amulet to him and once Aaron touched it, everyone in the village of Falconclaw, including Jacob, had died.


Jacob had the same cyan eyes as his mother, Lily and a fair complexion. He had dark hair that was either black or dark brown. In his one appearance, he was seen wearing a black shirt and trousers with gray shoes. Judging by his height and general appearance, Jacob was between the ages of six and seven when he died.


Considering that he accepted an amulet from Zane, a stranger that he didn't know, he was probably really curious and always looked out for an adventure. In short, a lot like typical boys of his age.



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  • The name Jacob is a Hebrew name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Jacob is "He grasps the heel". The reasoning behind the meaning of the name is explained in the Old Testament (the first section of the Christian Bible, based primarily upon the Hebrew Bible, a collection of religious writings by ancient Israelites). Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel and his name is explained as meaning "holder of the heel".
    • Since there is no proven evidence to suggest that the Jacob in Minecraft Diaries had a twin, the meaning behind the name does not appear to have any significance towards the character or his personality.


  • In Episode 97 of Season 2, it is revealed that his father engaged in a romantic relationship with Aphmau, resulting in a daughter, Alina. Due to having the same father, Jacob is Alina's paternal half-brother (meaning that they share the same father but have different mothers), though he died about seventeen years before her birth.
  • In the spinoff series, MyStreet, the character Ivy claims that Lily is her cousin. It is never confirmed whether this relation is also canon in Minecraft Diaries, but if it is, that would mean that Ivy was Jacob's first cousin once removed.
    • Similarly, Aaron's MyStreet counterpart has an older sister, Melissa. She is yet to have a Minecraft Diaries counterpart, but if she is given one, she would be Jacob and Alina's paternal aunt.