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October 16, 1989 (Libra)







Hair Color

Raven Black with Light Brown Tips

Eye Color


Professional Status

BluJay Studios

  • Full-time Parent
  • YouTuber

BluJay Studios


Jason Bravura (Husband)

Personal Status


  • Joseph (Son)
  • Julia (Daughter)
  • Unborn Third Child
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Half-Brother
  • Cousins
  • Johnny (Pet Cat, Missing)
  • Juju ("Pet" Venus Fly Trap)
  • Jet (Pet Dog)
  • Jax (Pet Cat)
First Appearance

August 13, 2012

Jessica or Jess, better known as Aphmau, is an online YouTube personality commonly known for doing Minecraft roleplays.


Jess, like Aphmau is very short, at 5'0. She has straight raven black hair with light brown tips, as well as brown eyes. She sometimes wears glasses in videos and has bangs partly covering one of her eyes.

YouTube Channel

Aphmau had the idea to start a YouTube channel with her four friends, Castor (Calvin), Dom (Jason), Satiel (Chris) and occasionally Cole, from seeing YouTubers at the time making a career from commentating gameplay. The channel Challenge Accepted Inc. was created on August 13, 2012. Cole left first, followed by Castor and Satiel (for personal reasons), leaving the channel to Jess and Dom, AKA, Jason. They renamed the channel to Aphmau Gaming. Four years after creating the channel, Aphmau Gaming has over four million subscribers. On the channel you will find mini-games and many roleplay series including Minecraft Diaries, Mod Mod World, Minecraft KindergartenMyStreet, Phoenix Drop High, Dreams of Estorra, Upside-down Stories, Sassy Lawyer Chronicles, Meteora Valley, FalconClaw University, Ultra Nova, Mermaid Tales and A Royal Tale, although she has recently added a new channel called Aphmau Fantasy, where Dreams of Estorra and Minecraft Diaries were moved for future episodes.

Jess and Jason realized that they couldn’t continue to control the YouTube channel on their own. Eventually, more people joined Jess and Jason as they create a community called BluJay Studios solving their problem and allowing them to continue the amazing YouTube videos. These people included Max (Mithzan) , HouseOwner/YourPalRoss (Ross), Kristina, KamiWasa (Will), Jessie, GrandpaBats (Sean), and Calvin, who returned back to work with Aphmau.

Personal Life

Throughout Aphmau/Jessica's roleplay: MyStreet, she shows she loves anime. She fangirls over Levi; an anime character from an anime named Attack on Titan and Gray Fullbuster, another anime character from an anime named Fairy Tail. You can see that when Aphmau (Jess role-playing) talked to Levi posters in MyStreet, Season 1. It is also shown Jess/Aphmau cuddles up in Attack on Titan blanket in her vlogging channel. Aphmau also has a big poster of Gray which she hangs right above her bed. Aphmau introduces Gray to Aaron in a future episode. Although Jess does not hint at it much in her videos, she loves the anime Toradora! Some people may see it, but some series are based on not only her personal life but Toradora as well.  



As said and mentioned in her Draw My Life, Jess was born in Houston, Texas on October 16, 1989 with both parents and a half-brother who was 13 years older than her, yet she always just referred to as her brother. Her parents divorced a couple years after her birth because of a lot of differences. Afterwards, she, her brother, and her mom went to live with her grandparents, aunt, and multiple cousins. Her brother and eventually all her cousins had gaming consoles except for her yet she was shown to be very keen to games. Her parents shared custody of her so every other week she went to go live with her father which she said was "nice because I got to get away from a hectic house every now and then." Eventually, her mother moved back in with her father for a period of time. It was at this time when she got her first gaming console which was an a Nintendo 64, Jess remembered going to Best Buy with her parents who blindfolded her for an unknown reason only to be lead to a shelf full of Nintendo 64s, at which they took off the blindfold, and she was so excited from that moment that she cried. Jess remembered the day so vividly after they got home with her new console, her parents had a very funny argument when they couldn't figure out how to do the wires. Jess added that her Mom had done a dance when she managed to do it by accident.

During elementary school Jess made many friends through her interest in video games. Yet she was also considered to be "too nice" at times with examples of her giving her lunch money to those who didn't have or forgot their money. People took advantage of that and started bullying her which also caused her to become introverted throughout elementary. During terrifying terrorist attack on September 11, Jessica's father was getting worried about her safety, so he pulled her out of school in order to be home-schooled for a year during her time at middle school. During the year she returned to middle school, she decided to wear cat ears. She also developed an awkward relationship with a guy. He broke up with her when things got uncomfortable.

During her transition from middle to high school Jess got into online gaming with her first online game. It was called FreQuency, and it was on the PlayStation 2. As mentioned in her Draw My Life, the game that turned her life around was Final Fantasy XI. In 2005, she met an in-game warrior named Dom, who she later found out, his real name was Jason. They didn't seem to notice that they were falling in love, then over time, they both became boyfriend and girlfriend. Jessica would often take trips from Texas to New Jersey to see Jason.

When Jess turned 18, she moved out to be with Jason in Philadelphia and got a tuxedo kitten that they named Johnny (who went missing years later). They got an apartment while Jess went to college to study business management.

Wedding Photo

Jason and Jess' Wedding Photo

In 2012, Jess found out she was pregnant the same year Jason planned to propose to her. They got married earlier than planned at DisneyWorld. They moved from their apartment into a larger house they had saved up for. While waiting for the baby. Jason and Jess found themselves watching lots of YouTube channels and being amazed the idea of making a career off of what you loved. As Jess had already planned to be a stay at home mom, she and Jason talked about starting a YouTube channel with her being the personality and Jason taking the technical side. On July of 2012, Jess gave birth to her first child, which was a boy, named Joseph via C-section.

After getting adjusted to being parents, Jess and Jason started a YouTube channel with her high-school friends Calvin (Castor) and Chris (Satiel). But due to their own personal reasons, each had to leave the channel. They all still play games together however at times. Jess who recently had a baby, said that laughing while recording would hurt so bad because she recently had a C-Section.

After running a small channel for a while Jess even tried to make an Iron & Coal server to exist alongside one of her series. By the time they were continuing the server, Jess found out that she was having another baby! This server was soon closed due to her being pregnant, working as a full-time parent and managing the channel, which became more and more difficult for her to manage both things at a time.

During January 2014, Jess gave birth to a baby girl, named Julia. Julia was also born via C-Section.

Jessica's Current Life

Jess and her family currently live outside of Seattle, Bellevue to be exact, in Washington State. She moved there in early 2016, and she has said that they are still getting settled fully into their new house and community. Jess and Jason also run their own studio called BluJay Studios and work alongside some of their friends Max (Mithzan) and Ross (YourPalRoss).

Recently, Jess has adopted a corgi puppy named Jet, continuing the J trend in their names. He is super cute! (Jessica, Jason, Joseph, Julia, Juju, etc.)

Fun Facts: Jess loves lamb chops! Jess used to like watching Fairly Odd Parents. She has played Fire Elm a Long time ago. She also plays Animal Crossing and Animal Jam whenever she is free. March is Jess's and Jason's anniversary. Jess is always annoyed when a fan asks about another YouTuber's series even if she is in the series. She loves anime (as you see, she fangirls about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan and Grey Fullbuster from FairyTail. She's also a HUGE fan of Toradora.). She also got her alias from a key character the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion of Final Fantasy XI

Jessica makes Aaron die in most of her roleplays and it usually makes fans upset, disappointed or we get the "feels". It's impressive how far she got in her Gaming and Roleplaying life. She loves her work and loves her fans. She wouldn't trade her fans for anything



Jason, also known by his online alias as Dom, is Jessica's husband to whom she has been married to for five years. They met in 2004 over Final Fantasy XI. They got married in March of 2012 at Disney World resort in Florida, and have since then had two children, Julia and Joseph. They have been married for 5 years and have been together for a total of 12 years.


Joseph is the oldest of Jess and Jason's two children and the older brother of Julia. He was born on July 12, 2012, about a month before Jess and Jason started the channel with Satiel and Castor. He has done one voice recording on MyStreet as the role of Toddler Aaron. Joseph thinks Jet smells weird.


Julia is the youngest of Jess and Jason's two children and the sister of Joseph. She was born on January 21, 2014, about a year and a half after Joseph was born and the channel was created. Julia is the voice actor of Alina and Lilith, meaning Julia has done more video recordings than her older brother, Joseph.

Jet The Corgi

Jess's adorable corgi puppy. He was adopted by Jess during March 2017. He loves lamb chops. He has an Instagram and still needs help to talk to the ladies at the office.

Johnny The Cat

Jess's purrfect kitty cat. Johnny was famous in Jess's vlogs (for interrupting). Johnny is a black and white cat. but sadly, Johnny is currently missing.

The Third Unborn Child

Little is known about the child.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Jax the Cat

Jax is one of the newest edition to the family which was welcomed on March 24, 2018! This is Jess's 2nd cat. Jax  will sometimes steal Jet's instagram.



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  • Everyone in the Aphmau household's name starts with J. Jessica, Jason, their two kids Joseph and Julia, Juju their pet flytrap, and their tuxedo cat Johnny.
    • Johnny is no longer with them since he got lost around Christmas time in 2015. But the J trend is continued by their new corgi, Jet, and their most recent pet Jax the kitten!
    • On March 24, 2018, Jess got a new kitten, Jax.
  • Aphmau is 29 years old.
  • Aphmau becomes whimsical when someone mentions dogs (Specifically, corgis), and cats.
  • Aphmau is only 5'0 in height.
  • As of November 12th, 2015, Aphmau's gaming channel has reached 3,000,000 subscribers! Congrats! (Precisely: 3,107,121 (Will change))
  • She has revealed in a Q&A that the series Minecraft Diaries will end, but no time soon.
    • She is currently working on MCD S3.
    • This series is on hiatus.
  • Her two favorite female characters in MCD are Katelyn and Lucinda.
  • Jess' last name is not Bravura, as well Jason's is not either. Jason has confirmed that 'Bravura' was just part of his username.
  • Jess really wants to join in on the Minecraft Diaries fandom but due to her being the creator, she can't risk giving out secrets (She jokingly ships Zanemau into the fandom).[1][2][3][4][5]
    • Though recently, Jess has revealed on her twitter that she ships Aarmau.[6]
  • Her alias, Aphmau comes from the character Aphmau from Final Fantasy XI[7]
    • This was one of many attempts to get the game popular again, being sad that its popularity faded.
  • Jess' channel, as of June 22, 2018 has over 1 billion views. (Precisely:  1,958,669,530 views (Will Change)).
  • Jess has ended the series known as Dreams of Estorra due to the fact that it takes so long to make an episode, and most of the feedback was not positive.
    • Since the Aphmau Fantasy channel was launched, the series has started up airing again.
  • Jess also had begun to live stream, though she seems to have stopped as it was quite tiring.
    • She started streaming again on Twitch around a year later. But during production of Season 6 of MyStreet, she didn’t have much time to stream.
  • Jess has started Meteora Valley as her contribution to the Stardew Valley game.
  • Jess is currently the 6th most subscribed female gamer on YouTube.
  • As of September 10, 2017, Aphmau's gaming channel has reached 3,000,000 subscribers! Congrats!
  • Jessica's most popular video is "Faster Car ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO [Aphmau Official!]", made by Julieta Colas.
  • As stated in an Instagram post, she suffered severe depression as a child and suffers from Post-Partum depression when she became a mother. [8]
    • She was hospitalized twice due to breaking down and even had Jason defend her on Twitter when she was bombarded with threats by thousands of outraged and livid fans whenever she posts videos that give fans strong negative emotions
      • Fortunately, some people understand her issue and give her compliments that cheer her up, telling her how great the feels made the show amazing and wonderful and how the voice actors did a good job expressing their emotions.
  • She has something called a "trigger" word that makes her laugh, whenever she hears "cock" like during her live-stream you can hear at around 38:48 Jason say it. Also, there is "Squipples" in the same link above.
    • Jess debunked this on another stream, saying that cock wasn't the word that makes her laugh. It was revealed by Jason in "DO NOT LAUGH - APHMAU'S TRIGGER WORD!" (published December 19th 2017) that it is in fact "cock-a-poo-poo". In Jess' own words "It's just a stupid word my friends would say back in the day!" She later explained in a stream that she only laughs when Jason says it.
  • She claims to have trypophobia. Seeing something covered in holes causes her to itch.
  • She doesn't know how to swim.
  • She will take a break from social media if she is stressed enough.
  • She has recently gotten into watching speed paints. She finds them soothing while writing scripts.
  • She used to work at GameStop and Taco Bell. While at Taco Bell, she was only allowed to drink Mountain Dew. This eventually gave her a bad taste for the beverage.
  • She almost fainted at a fan meet up.
  • She is camera shy when it comes to facecam.
  • When at conventions, she avoids giving out too much info on her location to avoid mobs.
  • She is obsessed with informing her audience to look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Before the help of her now co-workers in BlueJay Studios, Jessica and Jason made videos in their basement.
  • If she wasn’t a YouTuber, she would’ve taken part in either child education or being a nurse.
    • She did in fact take part in a program in high school that gave her experience in the latter.
  • She seems to base Aphmau's attire on her own wardrobe.
  • She jokingly treats Ross and Max like her sons.
  • She seems to have a love/hate relationship with bees.
  • On her phone, she has an Aaron sticker.
  • As of lately, she has been uploading videos besides Minecraft.
  • She loves England, asking her friend Andy about the country whenever she has the chance. She'd like to visit one day and hopefully meet the queen and her corgis.
  • She exchanged autographs with Twitter user Rocky Solid during PAX East 2018.
  • She was involved in YT Creators Summit 2018 in New York City.
  • Jess tends to overreact whenever she discovers something in a videogame.
  • See easily adores pets and babies.
  • She gets queasy when she sees blood that isn't her own.
  • She has an obsession with Beyonce.
  • When pregnant, she doesn't do food limitations.
  • She had no idea what French kissing was until October 2018.
  • Jess has contacts. She can't wear them for more than two hours or else her eyes will start to water.
  • Jason usually helps resolve technical issues when she's live.
  • The cake during the wedding was red velvet with cream cheese.


-Hey guys! Jess here!

-Let's go ahead and begin.

-I cut my life in two pieces! [Singing in a cute voice]

-Ross who is the handsomeness boy?

-I'll tell you what I want what I really really want!

-Leave a like and comment and don't forget to subscribe if you are new ,BYE!!!!!

-It's the SHADERS, Jason!


-So what do you wanna do, daddy? I mean...

-Why does Lucinda have boobs?

-You know what? Zane, Garroth, I need you guys to make out now. I mean make up now.



-Ross, come out... I mean Daniel, come out!

-I am next to de goat.

-Today we're playing Game Grumps, a...

-But the friendship you had with the PHONE CALL!

-Why can't you just love each other?!

-Julia, is mummy cute?

-Hyria!... Wait!... Hyria!... You had another line, Hyria!


-Aaron, get 'em! Be Alpha!

-Happy Corgi!

-I'm gonna get that treat!


-Red Mages do both very well, but not goodly.

-A f***ing bunny!


-The microphone was off...

-It's just a stupid word my friends would say back in the day! [Referring to her laughing trigger word]

-My eyes are up here. Stop looking at my kitties.

-Sup Daddy?



-This relic is nice, but no.

-My specific instructions were to make it that when she falls she doesn't die!

-Kinda hard to do, Travis! Why are you laughing? [Travis said the wrong line]

-I know you're sad, but you're not that sad!


-That's a big "Please don't do that!"


-DO. YOU. KNOW. HOW. HAPPY. I AM!?!?!?!?!?!

-Ear twitches are the best...


-I murdered his face!


-Take a look at these buns!

-AM I BEYONCE?!?!?!?!

-Go mimis.



-I'm calling the police!



-And Kestin who plays Chris.