Jeweled Cavern
MC Diaries 2 62
Season 2, Episode 62
Post Date

February 1, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
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"Vylad's Song"

"The Baby Found by Dragons"

"Jeweled Cavern" is the sixty-second episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on February 1st, 2016. It runs for 15 minutes and 16 seconds.


"The ship lands at a dock and everyone is anxious to see what's on land."

Episode Overview

The crew wrongly ends up on an island because of Travis' inability to control his tomb. Lucinda explains that Travis' tomb is not fully controlled by him, causing the ocean's currents to alter. Surprised by her knowledge, Travis admits his fault. 

As they hit the shores of the island, the crew decides to explore the island with the exception of Lucinda and Travis. Entering the forest, the group decides to split up into two groups: Katelyn, Chad, and Vylad goes to explore the left mountain, while Aphmau, Aaron, and Laurance explore the right. 

Beginning their exploration, Aaron makes an observation on the barren island. Laurance asks Aphmau on the accuracy on Travis' map, but she replies indefinitely. Laurance climbs up the mountain to make a guess on their location. Aphmau notices a quiet Aaron, who appears tired, but denies it. Before Aaron could finish, Laurance's cry is heard from afar. 

Aphmau and Aaron venture off to the mountains in search for Laurance. Aaron locates his location. Laurance appears to have fallen down into a cavern. Laurance explains that the hole was covered in snow and leaves, masking it look ordinary. Aaron, however, clarifies that it was made to be hidden. 

Aphmau and Aaron then jump down the cavern and meet up with Laurance. Aphmau becomes more curious, proceeding to enter the lower part of the cave, until Laurance alerts her of something else. 

Running to the left side of the cavern, Aphmau is in awe as she notices a family of Wyverns living in the cavern. Aphmau stands still as a larger Wyvern enters the cavern and checks on a nearby next. The Wyvern then approaches Aphmau, who easily recognizes her and vice versa. Raven, the Wyvern, and Aphmau embrace as they are reunited. 

Aphmau happily introduces Raven to Laurance and Aaron, however Laurance reacts to the welcoming coldly. Laurance explains that he is not fond of them due to the Wyverns exiling Ungrth, he exits the small cavern. 

The teary moment turns sour as Aphmau informs Raven on Garroth's absense, but Raven reveals that he knows of Garroth's disappearance and his soul is alive. Raven change the subject and asks the trustworthiness of Aphmau's friend. Having little knowledge of humans, Raven leads Aphma to the nest. 

As Aphmau reaches the nest, it is revealed that a baby resting on the bed and is crying aloud. 


  • The thumbnail for this video features Raven
  • This marks Raven's debut in the the 2nd season of Minecraft Diaries. 


Jeweled Cavern Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

Jeweled Cavern Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.62 Minecraft Roleplay