Kalzul is a member of the Thieves' Guild. He is first shown is Season 2 Episode 40, when Amber and Aphmau reach the hideout of the guild. He tries to reason with Amber that she'll only become disappointed again by trying to re-do the trials, but ends up letting them in.

After the two girls pass the first trial, Kalzul talks to Aphmau about Amber. He says that Amber is not cut out to become a thief as she is too nice to do any harm. He does not want Amber to go into the second trial (to steal from O'Khasis). Aphmau tells him that she helped Amber pass the first trial and he suddenly regrets letting Amber inside the hideout in the first place if he knew that Amber was going to pass. He tells Aphmau to keep an eye out for her if possible, even if she couldn't do anything.


Kalzul has light brown hair and black eyes obscured by a black mask that covers most of his face, a maroon vest, blue-gray pants, black gloves and blue shoes with charcoal sloes.


Kalzul may be a rough and tough thief, but he has a soft side as well for Amber.


  • Kalzul seems to be a very uncommon name, seeing as if you search for the meaning of the name on google, nothing seems to come up.