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Pale White

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Aphmau's Maid Café

Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Maid Cafe (Restaurant)

Waitress at Kawaii~Treat Maid~Sweet Café

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Waitress at Maid Cafe

Zane (Love interest)

Personal Status


  • 11 Brothers and Sisters


First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • MegaMoeka
  • AmeKitsunechan (Fill-in)
  • Aphmau (Fill-in)

Kawaii~Chan (real name Nana) is a main character in MyStreet.u


Kawaii~Chan had a shrine for her ship Aarmau in the basement of her, Aphmau and Katelyn's old new home. It is where she goes to give strength to her ship. While they don't appreciate the ship, Kawaii~Chan asks Aphmau about her feelings about the shrine to make sure Aphmau isn't feeling too uncomfortable about it.

After Aphmau told her she can't ship Aarmau, she creates a shrine for Dancole (Dante and Nicole).

Kawaii~Chan also had a crush on a pink prince/pizza delivery man, Reese from Mod Mod World, a retired Aphmau series. Another friend/frenemy named Michi has been hanging around Reese too often.

In Season 3 though, she became the love interest of a boy that asked her number while she was working at her old maid cafe, the boy called Damien who later got a job in Aphmau's new maid cafe, asked her in a date for which she agreed, but in PostS3 Ep13, they broke up, leaving Kawaii~Chan heartbroken, the next episode though, they reconcile and become friends again (not a couple though). Zane also gave her advice in this episode that helped her out with that friend.

During Aphmau's Year, as she was helping keeping an eye on Aphmau with Zane, she was suspicious of Zane's attitude and proves that something bad happened to Aphmau during the lodge and that she can see through lies. Zane had no choice but to reveal how Aaron was severely injured and had to be separated from Aphmau for a year, and promise her to never tell anyone else. Kawaii~Chan promise to keep it a secret between the two.

In Season 5, Zane sneeks her into Starlight Wonderland with a large/long pink luggage, he told to hide her in the bathroom so no one would notice, he also told her to be quiet.

In Episode 2, when Garroth entered the bathroom, Kawaii~Chan pretended to be a mirror stand for Garroth to show off his handsome looks, or "beautify his self up".

In Episode 3, she blew her cover after she got annoyed by Garroth arguing with his mirror-self, she tried to act like a magic mirror to cover it up, but it failed after she sneezed and accidentally dropped the mirror. Zane came in after he heard screams from Kawaii~Chan and Garroth, Garroth assumes that she snuck in without Zane knowing. Zane and Kawaii~Chan go along with the assumption.

In Episode 7, it's stated that she has eleven brothers and sisters and Kawaii~Chan isn't her real name and that she changed who she was, so she could be unique among her brothers and sisters since they all had the same hair color and eye color though much of her past is still unknown. She tells Zane that the reason why she told him her past was because she trusted him.

In Episode 9, Kawaii~Chan and Zane spy on Aphmau, Aaron, Katelyn and Travis at the Tropical Jungle Cafe on a double date. She tells Zane why Aphmau and Aaron are her OTP (One True Pairing) but also ends up telling Zane her real name: Nana.

In Episode 13, Kawaii~Chan makes pancakes because she feels bad for stealing them from Derek. Derek suspects Zane for making those pancakes and bursts into the room without Kawaii~Chan having time to hide and she gets caught. Derek then makes the promise to get her a ticket, if she keeps Aaron's secret and to make pancakes for Derek and Rachel.

In Episode 14, Zane shows Aaron and Aphmau that Kawaii~Chan is here. She squeals and in a very creepy tone demands them to kiss. Zane warns them to run, with Kawaii~Chan chasing after them. In the following episode, Kawaii~Chan learns that Kim is possessed by a ghost who is infatuated with Zane (Kim herself is not, much to Kawaii~Chan's relief). Ghost demanded Kawaii~Chan to ship her with Zane, but Kawaii~Chan strongly refused, considering a type of ship with no chemistry a crackship. When the ghost attempts to get closer to Zane in the haunted house, Kawaii~Chan helps Zane to hide. At the end of the episode, she admits to him that she has a crush on him and they share a kiss.


She mostly wears clothing that are pink, light pink and magenta with white often used to accessorized. She has a love for anything cute, so her clothing often includes bright, girly, feminine colors. Kawaii~Chan has bright pink hair, amber colored eyes and has a very pale white skin tone.

In her younger years, she appeared to have liked darker colors like mauve and purple. 

Her swim wear includes a pink bikini and has a new animation for her cat ears and tail. 

In her cat form, she is pink and white with many dark pink bows around her ears and tail, with a little golden bell on her tail. 

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.30.11 PM


In MyStreet, she keeps her personality nature from Minecraft Diaries. She does work on many jobs and is determined. When her house was set on fire, she felt guilty for causing the fire and ensured that she is capable of repairing the house by herself. Her determination is shown greatly as she strives to be great at what she does. Her kindness is displayed when she persists to care for Michi~Chan when Michi becomes sick despite the fact that Michi is after her crush, Prince Reese. 

Although a kind-heart, her nativity is often exploited by those around her. She has a very bubbly, sweet personality. At times, she can be seen as naive and very oblivious.

In "Alone For Awhile - 2 Months Later", she picked on Aphmau's "off" personality quickly. Joining Zane on cooking food, she's curious as to Aaron's sudden absent. She goes on to express her concern for Aaron, which she immediately believes is the cause of her Aphmau's strange vibes. Even after Zane tries to throw her tracks off by saying her ship is secure, she disregards this as she knew of Aaron's intentions and his feelings for Aphmau. During her conversation with Zane, she learns of Aaron's condition. 

Despite people and her friends, underestimating her knowledge and intelligence, she's one of the few people who has a great read on her friends' feelings, as she could see through Zane's lies and facade instantly. Her caring side was shown once more after she offered help and support to Zane, who went through a traumatic event. Although, her ships can come off rash and aggressive, she has shown that she is capable of separating these feelings for her friends' sake.


Kawaii~Chan has an interest in an array of anime, but also sweet foods and treats. When is offered spicy foods, she declines immediately. Kawaii~Chan also has a very large interest in shipping. She creates shrines and she goes to them in order to create a stronger relationship between the couple. Some shrines Kawaii~Chan has created include an Aarmau (Aaron and Aphmau) and a Dancole (Dante and Nicole) shrines.

Kawaii~Chan has an obsession with the mobile cat collecting game Neko Atsume.

In the minigame series, Kawaii~Chan does possess a competitive attitude whilst playing a game.

Episode Appearances

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

MyStreet - The Bigger Move

Season 3


  • Kawaii~Chan can be sweet-talked into buying things very easily.
  • She had a shipping shrine dedicated to Aarmau, much to the dismay of Aphmau, she had to take it down.
    • She now ships Dancole.
  • Oddly enough, she doesn't threaten Travis like she does with Kai and Ein when she was with them in high school and Garroth, Dante and Laurance when they try to flirt with Aphmau. This is possibly because of her not viewing Travis as a threat to Aaron and Aphmau. 
  • It has been noted in a recent minigames episode by Travis that all of the ships that get put into her 'shipping shrine' become a reality. This is evident when we see that she made shrines for Dancole and Aarmau, and both became a reality in MyStreet.
    • However, Dancole sank in a episode of Love Love Paradise.
  • Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan became friends only because of a sleepover that she wasn't supposed to be invited to. 
  • In the episode "Fight or Flight", she is seen in a flashback where she sees Aaron and Aphmau running into each other.
  • Kawaii~Chan always keeps sugar on herself in Phoenix Drop High, whether she does it in MyStreet is unknown but highly likely.
  • Kawaii~Chan received an update on her skin by gaining a more detailed cat ears and moving tail. This is first seen in "Love~Love Paradise!", the first episode of the MyStreet season two. Will/KamiWasa, the artist for Jess and close friends, uses a similar model for Aphmau's "Leave a Like" animation.
    • Will also teased out an image of a mannequin wearing the ears on his Twitter page in this tweet before Jess even teased out the first thumbnail. 
  • Jess temporarily voiced her as a fill-in from "Zane's Pants" to the latest episode. MegaMoeka also informs that these episodes were filmed early July and could not voice her due to her busy schedule.
  • It is revealed that Kawaii~Chan has a crush on Zane although there is a chance that she no longer has a crush on him but she most likely does, due to how she had reacted.
  • Kawaii~Chan fangirl explodes when she contacts with Aarmau, most notably in Episode 23 of Season 2.
  • She makes cookies when she is sad, and gives them as an apology.
  • Out of the people who stayed behind during the events of Emerald Secret, she is the first to know of Aaron's condition, Zane being the one who told her.
  • In season 5 episode 7, she reveals that "Kawaii~Chan" is not her real name.
    • In "My Real Name". it was revealed her real name was Nana, Please continue to refer to her as Kawaii~Chan.
  • After being caught, Kawaii~Chan is Promised a ticket to StarLight by Derek. But she'll have to make pancakes.
  • Kawaii~Chan confessed her feelings to Zane in I Like You..., ending the video with a kiss.
  • As of Starlight Episode 15 Kawaii~Chan ships herself with Zane.


Katelyn~Sama will just hit Kawaii~Chan in the face with a door again...

-Kawaii~Chan, MyStreet, Episode 5 "A Present of Love"


Dang it !!

Kawaii~Chan, Every minigame EVER

Kawaii~Chan: I started shipping them in high school before I really became friends with Aphmau, at first I started shipping them because they were complete opposites and I thought that was cute they had this tsundere kind of feel to them.

Zane: Go on

Kawaii~Chan: But then I guess something happened between them and they, they started to fall in love they never said it but it was there. Then I saw the way Aaron looked at her I saw it I saw the spark of love in his eyes. It was then that I knew they were my OTP

. Zane: Why on Earth would you think that?

Kawaii~Chan: Because I had hoped that someday someone would look at me with those loving eyes

Kawaii~Chan and Zane; Mystreet Starlight, Episode 9

Kawaii~Chan: *Hugs Zane* If...You need to talk, Kawaii~Chan's here...

Zane: Thank you...Kawaii~Chan...

Kawaii~Chan and Zane; Mystreet Aphmau's Year, Episode 1

Zane: T-Thanks Kawaii~Chan.

Kawaii~Chan: Z-Zane...Did you want me to ship you with someone?

Zane: Huh? Where is that coming from?

Kawaii~Chan: Its just...I-If I had the chance to ship you with someone, I'd like to ship you w-with me...

Zane: K-Kawaii~Chan... Are you...

Kawaii~Chan: Zane... I-I like you listen to me and

  • Zane and Kawaii~Chan kiss*
Kawaii~Chan and Zane; Mystreet Starlight; Episode 15: I Like You... (Confession.)

Kawaii~Chan' Ships



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