Kika, like McCloud, washed up on Aphmau's Island after leaving Captain Fredrick's ships. She is in love with McCloud. She was one of the Commanders of Captain Fredrick's five ships, but left to find McCloud. She is good at farming.


Kika has pale blonde hair that falls to her waist, light blue eyes and tannish skin. She wears a hot pink bow in her hair, white croptop with hot pink and white straps, multicolored strings at the middle, is longer at the sides and back with the color yellow.

She also wears light pink short shorts and knee-high pastel orange sneakers with orange laces. She is based off of Toy Chica from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. She is somewhat blushing under her eyes.


Kika is a very sweet girl, other than that nothing is known.


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