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"Hamster Boat Party"

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Hi! My name is Kiki! Well, that's not my real name. It's just what everyone calls me due to my laugh. Ke-ke-ke!

-Kiki, Season 1 Episode 7


Her real name is unknown, but is called Kiki due to her laugh. She is the older sister of Brendan. When she was younger she was raised in a werewolf tribe and was the love interest of Boldolf. It is believed that she can understand animals because of her magicks.

Kiki is now the proud mother of a baby girl, Leona, who was born through an amulet, which took blood samples from Kiki and perhaps Zane or Boldolf. Kiki is a absolute lover of animals. She owns many and takes care of some of Aphmau's animals herself. Kiki had nowhere to put her animals until Aphmau built her an enormous barn, where she also lived.

In Season Two, Kiki used to live in Scaleswind with Leona, but has moved onto the island where the Phoenix Alliance is located. She still loves animals, and is absolutely thrilled to be an auntie.



Kiki has long red hair, in a braid and emerald green eyes. She wears a pink shirt with blue cuffs, navy blue pants, and a white apron with a red heart on it.

15 years later, as of Season Two, she still has red hair and green eyes. She wears a light pink shirt that hangs off of her shoulders and light blue jeans with a holster belt on her waist and brown boots with pink laces. Her hair is braided with a blue hairband and hangs down on her right shoulder.

In Minecraft Side Stories, she had long red, in a ponytail with her red ribbon on it and green eyes. She wears her summer dress with white strapeless dress with a holster belt and white long skirt with pink stripes and a pink bracelets on her wrists.


Kiki is very nice and caring. She has a passion for animals, and does not like violence.She does not like people who do not like animals, but will (barely) tolerate people who at least care for one species of animal (This is shown when she is somewhat tolerant towards Urla). She usually likes to use the phrase, "Ke ke ke!" a lot due to that being what her laugh sounds like.



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  • Kiki is a name, typically used a nickname, which is attributed to various countries, and has different meanings in all of them. In Japan, the name Kiki means "crisis", while in Korea, the name Kiki means "lovely flower". It is usually seen as a diminutive of many names beginning with K, such as Katherine, Katarina, or Kathleen. Since it is mentioned that Kiki is not her real name, it is possible that her real name could be one of these, or something similar.
  • In another Statue Brendan is to call Kiki younger sister but in To Be A Lord Kiki is to be called Older sister by Brendan but it unaware of which is right


Hi! My name is Kiki! Well, that's not my real name. It's just what everyone calls me due to my laugh. Ke-ke-ke!

-Kiki, Season 1 Episode 7

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