Kimi~Chan is Kawaii~Chan's horse. Aphmau uses Kimi~Chan to get to Scaleswind in E36, S1.

After Kawaii~Chan moves into Phoenix Drop, Kimi~Chan follows her and rests right outside of her house for the rest of Season 1. Kawaii~Chan does not worry about Kimi~Chan getting lost, as she is sure Kimi~Chan will find her way back after Aphmau gets to Scaleswind.

As of Season Two, Kimi~Chan is probably deceased (not confirmed, this is an assumption).


Kimi~Chan is a tan horse with white at the base of each leg, dark brown eyes and has a cream-colored mane and tail.


Kimi~Chan's personality is little to none, but she seems to be independent and loyal to Kawaii~Chan.



  • Her owner is Kawaii~Chan.
  • In Japanese, the word "kimi" is equivalent to the word "you" in English, though in Japanese you would use it towards your friends only.




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