Lady Luck is first seen in episode 8 of Mod Mod World, when she opens up a casino in the village Aphmau lives just outside of.


Lady Luck has tan skin, light black hair and light blue-grey eyes. She wears a red top with blue, gold and a black trimming and wears a sky blue skirt with black sandals. She has jewelry all over her and wears a gold tiara with a red gem encrusted in the middle.   

Other Series

Lady Luck has been seen in Aphmau's side story episode Beach Beauty. She is the owner of Coco Bingo resort vacation getaway. She announces that the winner of all women swimsuit competition will receive an "amazing brainwashing machine". Aphmau tries to avoid trouble but gets into one anyways. She gathers a few girls for the competition. 

These are the girls: Donna, Kiki, Nicole, Polly, and Kawaii~Chan. Aphmau notices Zane dressed up like a girl in a swimsuit.  

After the competition, Lady Luck announces that the winner of the competition is herself and says that there is really no competition. Zane ( or should I say Zanerina ) says it's fine and tells her to have a prize- which was- TNT. Zane blows the place up and ends up in the jail for troublemakers where Garroth, Brendan, Prince Reese and Zane were in the episode, Date Prank. Lady Luck likes to brag about her beauty. Many men worship her beauty. 



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