Laurmau (Laurance x Aphmau) is the pairing between former Lord of Phoenix Drop and leader of the Phoenix Alliance, Aphmau and the guard of the New Village Settlement, Laurance.


Laurance has confessed his love to Aphmau multiple times, and was a very big Cassanova when he first met Aphmau. When he kept confessing his "undying love" for Aphmau, he was always rejected.

Laurance saved Aphmau several times and was by her side almost every time. Ever since Garroth has been trapped in Irene's Dimension, Laurence has been desperately trying to protect her and serve her well, even though Aphmau isn't Lord of Phoenix Drop anymore (as of Season two).

Despite countless times of being rejected by Aphmau, he hasn't given up on trying to win her heart. He has also waged a competition on Garroth to see who could win Aphmau's heart first; It's up to Aphmau to decide. So far, Garroth has kissed her once in Season two, Episode nine in the 'Dream Dimension'. Laurance, however, has kissed Aphmau|twice. One kiss was in Season two, Episode 20 where Laurance turned into his Shadow Knight form and killed a majority of the werewolf population in order to stop Aphmau from being forced into marriage with the Werewolf Prince, Fennir. However, he was about to kill Fennir when Aphmau made him regain who he was by kissing Laurance and saying she was sorry for all that has happened. The second kiss happened a few episodes later, when Laurance wanted to make Aphmau feel safe and secure by making a promise with her that he'll never use his Shadow Knight form, unless he's confident he knows how to control it.

Aphmau has admitted she has feelings for Laurance beside the lake, before meeting Nicole after the werewolf wedding, where they both decide they will wait for Garroth's sake. Laurance is a sweet heart like that.

Pairing Rivals

Currently, Aphmau and Laurance are one of two of the biggest ships. Their most common rival is Garmau, (Garroth x Aphmau) in the fanbase. On the other hand, whenever Garroth had troubles trying to convince his feelings for Aphmau, Laurance has been there to encourage him. Another rival is Aarmau (Aaron x Aphmau). There has been many arguments, debates, etc. on which ship was better.

Laurmau Moments

MCD S1E80: A Magical Showdown

6 minutes and 14 seconds into the episode, Laurance told Aphmau that she looked really beautiful in the moonlight. Laurance then leaned to Aphmau, got very close to her, and said, "You got a bug on your shoulder."Aphmau thought he was going to kiss her, as he has been very forward with his love for her.

MCD S1E87: The Smile of Alexis

At 6:36 in the episode, Laurance randomly decides to hug Aphmau. Right before, Laurance told Aphmau, "I am a Knight of Shadows... I remember that you were my light in the darkness, for that I want to thank you. Even if you don't end up with me... if I lose you to someone else... ..Please don't leave me? I just want you in my life, even if you are a star I'll never be able to help shine." Those words touched many fans' hearts.

MCD S2E4: Dance of Swords

In the beginning of the episode, Laurance comes over to check up on how Aphmau was feeling. She begins with telling him how she was catching up with Levin and Malachi, but confessed that she felt heartbroken she couldn't be there for her children when they needed her. Laurance softly chuckles and tells her that they're not the only ones who've grown up a lot, which seems to have comforted Aphmau, as she grows cheery and playful in her next line. A few seconds later, Aphmau starts to grow serious, as she asks Laurance if she could talk to him about something. They're interrupted by Malachi, who asks for their presence in Levin's house. The two of them leave their conversation behind, deciding to hurry quickly out of their treehouse.

The two of them discover that Levin had held a surprise party for Aphmau and friends, to celebrate their return to town. After speaking to every guest, Laurance asks Aphmau, "May I have this dance?" to which Aphmau accepts, but on one condition: "No touching!" When the two go out onto the dance floor, both of them admit they haven't danced in a while.

MCD S2E20: The Vows We Take

In Episode 20, The Vows We Take, Laurance, out of jealousy, turns into his shadow knight form and slaughters all of the wedding guests. Once he had, he began approaching the King in an attempt to kill him, but before he could do anything, the King steps too far off the cliff, falling to his demise. Laurance proceeds to go after Fenrir, but Aphmau defends him from being hurt, stating that this wasn't the Laurance she knew. Aphmau kisses Laurance to bring him back to reality, telling him she knows that he's not the type of person to hurt innocent people.

MCD S2E23: They Travel From Far

When Aphmau is walking up to Laurance's room, he rushes out and falls on top of her. The two share a very awkward position and they discuss things. Then Laurance gets off.

MCD S2E24: Promises Made

When Laurance wakes up, him and Aphmau discuss the corruption of a Shadow Knight and the two share a kiss (to make the promise official) after they're done. Laurance vows to Aphmau that he'd never hurt her again.

MCD S2E27: Dante's Dilemma

When Aphmau wakes up, she discovers that Laurance was at her bedside all night to watch over her as she left to the dream dimension.

MCD S2E29: The Wind at Sea

At 3:50, Laurance offered a weary Aphmau to stay up with him and lean on his shoulder. Aphmau, surprisingly, didn't call him out for being "such a casanova" and seemingly thought about accepting his offer. The gods didn't seem to want that to happen, for a storm was sent their way before Aphmau could say anything.

MCD S2E34: My Golden Friend

33 seconds in the video, Aphmau found Laurance at her bedside. She freaked out then asked, "Did we.. uh.. do something?" assuming that he slept with her and did... things. But Laurance assured her that nothing happened.

1 minute in, Laurance said that watching Aphmau wake up was like "watching the sun rise". Travis, who came immediately to Aphmau's aid after hearing her freak out, said that Laurance watching her wake up was romantic. Aphmau denied it, but then mumbled, "Maybe a little..." while blushing (as Travis pointed out).

At 3:40 Laurance mentioned that Aphmau was his first kiss. Aphmau got flustered, and said she'd go to the washroom to get away her blushing self as soon as possible. Laurance then said, "Should I surprise you in the washroom?" earning him a slap from Aphmau.

MCD S2E48: Sons of Phoenix Drop

When walking with Michi to the Bandit Camp, Aphmau tells Michi to hurry up even though she's dehydrated and tired. She continues to push Michi's buttons until Larmau pins her to a tree and says that's not the Aphmau he knew would NEVER be cruel to someone. The two discuss it further until Michi tries running away and Laurance goes to catch her.

MCD S2E51: A Phoenix Drop Wedding

Laurance and Aphmau sit together in a table and have a nice chat. Later then Laurance asked Aphmau when is her wedding day, making Aphmau tease him that he is assuming that he will be the groom. Aphmau then asks Laurance for a dance. Laurance is a total hunk so he can dance that good.

MCD S2E68: Ancient Secrets

While exploring an ancient building, part of the floor crumbles once Aphmau stands next to Laurance due to the added weight. As the bricks give away, Aphmau falls on top of Laurance.

MS The Bigger Move E4: AARON'S SISTER!?

Although small, one of the only Laurmau moments in Mystreet was at 6:52 where they both shared stuffed mushrooms



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