Hair Color

Light Blonde

Eye Color


Professional Status

Phoenix Drop High



Personal Status


First Appearance

"Mysterious Wolf Boy"

Voice Actor

Morgan Berry

Layla is the current principal of Phoenix Drop High and first appeared in "Mysterious Wolf Boy".


She was first introduced in Ep.2 of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Season 2. Layla appeared on a shelf where in front of many students who were invited to sit, she introduced herself as the new principal and gave them a speech about the new changes made to the school this year about the classes, uniforms and activities, just when she finished she punched Jerry who, since Layla walked onto the shelf, started blushing and never left his eyes from her. Later in the episode, she reappears behind the stand when the clubs had opened, Aphmau was forced to join her by Teony, principal Layla asks Aphmau if she can mentor a new transfer student (namely Ein), so he can feel welcomed in the school.

In "Ein Saves Aphmau", she and the teachers discover about the cafeteria being tagged, she tells them that she had to ditch the cameras for budget reasons, thinking they were not necessary because they were too little incidents. During Aphmau's class, Aph was called to her office, principal Layla told her she will be kept responsible for the tagging of the cafeteria due to Aph's previous involvements with the Shadow Knights, then Ein came in through the window, Ein makes a deal with Layla, stating that they will find the Shadow Knights for them before the end of the day, she accepts the deal.

In "Getting Close In a Locker", Aph and Ein found the Shadow Knights, but she still states that she found them in coordination with them, this changed when Zane entered the office to tell her that he did it all alone. Layla apologizes to the Shadow Knights, Aph and Ein and let them go, then got to discuss with Zane about his punishment.


She has blonde hair and amber color eyes. She has been seen wearing a white open shirt dress with a blue shirt inside, a purple skirt and purple shoes.


Understanding, thoughtful and most probably courageous, since she was the one to make many sudden changes to the school for the new year.


  • She is the successor to principal Chad.
  • She claimed that the school has werewolf insurance.
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