Lello is the child of Donna and Logan. He is one the eldest of the couple's biological children, but is considered by many to be the younger brother of Yip, who his parents adopted. He is also the fraternal twin brother of Rollo, who are both older brothers to a baby sister, Luca.

In Episode 26 of Season Two, it is hinted that Rollo and Lello may have inherited lycanthropy (werewolf) genes from their father, as they are seen talking about having ears and a tail when they are older, which may be their interpretation of a werewolf transformation. Whether these genes have also passed onto their sister, Luca, is unknown.


Lello has dark blond hair, like his father and blue eyes. He wears a purple vest, a light gray undershirt, light brown jeans and black shoes.


Lello doesn't talk to strangers, but he is aboslutely adorable.


Lello and Rollo

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  • Lello, traditionally, is an Italian surname, occasionally used in modern times as a forename. The name means "descendant".
  • In Episode 25, it is confirmed that Lello's friend, Nekoette~Tan, is six years old and had always wanted an older brother, but all the young boys in Phoenix Drop are younger than her, with the obvious exceptions of Yip, Malachi, Kyle and Levin. This makes it safe to assume that Lello and his brother Rollo, are either four or five years old.