Levin's Mom
Season 1, Episode 36
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May 22nd, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Levin's Mom" is the thirty-six episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and it was uploaded on May 22th, 2015. It runs for 18 minutes.


"A new town?..."


Because her maid and a flying horse got lost, Kawaii~Chan instead gives Aphmau Kimi~Chan to ride. Aphmau revisits the place where she met Zenix and discovers that part of the land has been blown up. She then continues on to Scaleswind.

Inside Scaleswind, Aphmau meets Sota, the head guard of Scaleswind. After asking about the woman missing her baby, Sota reveals that Matilda is no longer with them since she has been missing for a week.

Later, Aphmau visits a church and discovers a message in the cracks. She decides to do what the message says and finds a trap door behind a tavern, where she finds Matilda.

Matilda tells her that she must return to Phoenix Drop and forget about her in order to protect her son, since the King is hunting down all descendants of Irene's blood line. Matilda then explains what actually happened to the previous lord of Phoenix Drop.

Elsewhere, Zenix stands on top of a house overlooking Phoenix Drop...



Then you must be new around her. Lady Irena was a wonderful woman who existed centuries ago. She was the founder of Scaleswind and considered to be the tamer of Wyverns. It was said that she alone was the one who stopped the Wyverns from harming our world, however the ignorant King kept wanting war. Irena was a seeker of peace and used her family’s fortune to buy a way to seal the portal that connected this realm and the realm of the Wyverns.

At what cost was it to Irena? She was exiled and was accused of being a traitor to humanity. Her own family abandoned her, but the loyal men and women who actually fought in the war knew better.

Lady Irena’s head was sought after by the King but the soldiers who knew what Irena had done to save their lives see them home to their families alive started a revolution and eventually overthrew the King and had him executed. Irena was to be crowned the new ruler of the land when she disbanded the monarchy and proposed a new rule, one where every village had a leader. She established the name of the Lords and commanded that every Lord would have a guardian, just as she had hers. Lady Irena ruled over Scaleswind and eventually came to pass of natural causes, but to this day we worship her as a kind and benevolent leader. She would have been a wonderful Queen, but she did not want power to consume her.

Priest about Lady Irena

Because if you can commune with animals, Wyverns especially, you are more likely to gain the Lordship of a village. Do you know how many crooked Lords there are because of this…? I no longer know a true descendant aside from my… departed husband.


The King has a cruel magic on the land to make those without a lord forget…



  • The thumbnail for this video features Levin's mother, Matilda.
    • However, her eyes are shown as an amber color when they're actually a muted lilac.
  • In this episode, a blue flower appears and causes anyone to touch it to start withering.
  • This is the first appearance of Scaleswind in an episode.
  • Matilda's son was about to "come of age" when he was stolen from her.
  • Matilda mentions how the King (possibly the Shadow Lord) has a wicked curse on the land that causes any village without a Lord to forget, possibly turning them into the 'unaware'.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Zenix until Our Daughter.
    • Zenix's absense from this episode to Our Daughter spans a total of 167 episodes over two-and-a half years, which is the longest ever period of time a character hasn't appeared in Minecraft Diaries.


Levin's Mom Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

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