Levin's Music Box is an object he had forever. It is most likely very durable since it still played even after Aphmau dropped it in Episode 38. Levin and Aphmau both seem to enjoy its soothing tune. It caused Aphmau to fall asleep standing up and Levin to sleep easy. However, they are the only ones to ever use it, so it is unknown if it has the same effect on Malachi or Zoey. The song it plays is called Okage Melody Of The Music Box. Which could only make a descendant of Lady Irene fall asleep.
Levins Music Box

In "Lullaby for a Thief," a wannabe thief named Amber pick-pocketed Aphmau for Levin's music box. Later on Amber convinces Aphmau to give her the music box to get into a thief group entitled "The Thieves Guild." The "Boss" knows the whereabouts of Michi and that she did indeed kidnap Levin, Malachi, and Zoey. But the "Boss" would not tell Aphmau unless she became a member of the thieves guild. During the 2nd trial of initiation into the guild there is an invasion on O'Khasis that forces the thieves guild to move. The Boss tells Aphmau that Michi did indeed kidnap her friends and was planning on selling them as slaves. Aphmau thanks her and leaves the thieves guild, but before she could exit Amber stops her and gives her the music box which she had stolen back from the boss.

In the episode "Sons of Phoenix Drop" Aphmau and Laurance tie up Michi and force her to tell them where Aphmau's sons and Zoey are. It turns out that she sold them to bandits in Meteli. Laurance and Aphmau locate the bandits and tries to offer the bandits the music box. However, it did not work. Aphmau then transformed to a Divine Warrior with wings and a sword claimed to be Irene, and so Aphmau got Zoey, Levin, and Malachi back home safely. The Music Box helped Levin and Malachi sleep, and the tune played until the end of the episode.

The song that plays in the music box can be found here.


  • The song of the music box is from the OST of a Playstation 2 game called Okage Shadow King.

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