The title of Lord is not something to be taken lightly. Lords must take great care of their villages/city-states (in the case of O'Khasis and Scaleswind), and work very hard to manage, defend, and expand them. The title of Lord is elected by either the people, in which candidates are chosen or like the previous Lord's bloodline. (in the case of Garte, Zane, and Garroth).

Although the first born is given the throne of the village, they must be at an age to become a full Lord. Levin came of age a year before Aphmau's return. When Levin first appeared, he was a few weeks old, still having his eyes closed and no hair. Following time in real life, by the finale of the first season, he would be around 6-7 months. However, after the time skip, he took the reign as the new Lord, only having one year of experience. This lands Levin's age at minimum 15, being a Lord since he was 14. 

The minimum age until becoming a full-fledged Lord is 14. 

Known Lords/Former Lords

Season 1

Phoenix Alliance Lords

  • Aphmau - Lord of Phoenix Drop. Elected by the people as she had done a lot of great things for the village in a short timespan. (needs confirmation). As of Season 2, she is no longer lord, though she is still alive.
  • Luke - Lord of Pikoro Village. As of Season 2, his status has not been clarified, though it is presumed that he passed away, and his daughter Lucinda, the rightful heir, turned down the role as lord and gave it to her apprentice, Hailey.
  • Burt - Lord of Bright Port. As of Season 2, his status has not been clarified.
  • Hayden - Lord of Meteli. As of Season 2, he died of old age, and his new village found a new spot to live thanks to Cadenza. His old village was burned by O'khasis in the last episodes of Season 1.

City-state Lords

  • Garte - Lord of O'Khasis. He was a nice Lord according to Garroth, but when he had a near-death experience, he changed greatly and became very cruel and territorial. Zane happened to inhabit some of his new and nasty characteristics. As of S2, he is still the lord, and O'Khasis is staying strong, but not for long.
  • Lord of Scaleswind (Real name unknown) - Lord of Scaleswind. As of Season 2, he passed away of old age

Season 2

Phoenix Alliance Lords

  • Aphmau - Lord of the Phoenix Alliance. She rebuilt the alliance after 15 years and is also the lord of the Phoenix Alliance village.
  • Levin - Lord of Phoenix Drop. After returning to Phoenix Drop from the Yggdrasil Forest, he realized that no one would step up to become Lord, so he took the position as lord after he was of age.
  • Hailey - Lord of Pikoro Village. She is a witch and Lucinda's former apprentice.
  • John - Lord of Bright Port. Most likely elected after Burt left his position as lord.
  • Cadenza - Lord of New Meteli. Became Lord after Hayden died.

City-state Lords

  • Nicole - Lord of Scaleswind. She took the position after her father, the former lord, died.
  • Garte - Lord of O'khasis. He is still the lord of O'Khasis after 15 years.