Lucinda is a witch, a person who uses witchcraft to help others in need. When she first met Aphmau she was 27 years old. Now she is 45 years old, since she was ten when she left her mother, Hyria. She and Bigglesworth, her pet owl, use potions to help sick people, wounded, or even the weak. Lucinda's first appearance was in the episode "Eastern Wolf Tribe". Lucinda appeared in a jail from the enemy wolf tribe by the Alpha Wolf on Zane's side. After they escaped they went to Lucinda's cottage. She was devastated when she told them about how she lost Bigglesworth.

It turned out that the owl Aphmau found was Bigglesworth. For finding Bigglesworth, Lucinda invites Aphmau and company to stay with her until they got moving, but Aphmau just ended up sleeping outside with everyone else. After they were about to leave, Lucinda asked if she could join them in Phoenix Drop. Aphmau gladly accepted, and now Lucinda helps people in need, and is a good friend of Aphmau's.

15 Years Later

Over 15 years she became known as the White Witch and is said to help good people lost in winter storms and harm those who are bad. She now lives in Pikoro Village, where she helps find missing people. The current Lord of Pikoro Village, Hailey, is her apprentice. Lucinda has helped Pikoro Village for years keeping the spirit of Ivan in check with the aid of Hailey. After the spirit of Ivan had been banished from the land with help from Aphmau and Travis, Lucinda joins the Phoenix Alliance and goes back to Phoenix Drop. When she sees the witch Hyria, she attacks her, saying she wants nothing to do with her despite the fact that Hyria is Lucinda's mother.


Lucinda has long orange hair, crimson red eyes, and a sleeveless black/purple dress with a witches' hat.

As a child her hair was still orange, but at shoulder length. Her eyes were a light crimson, and she wore a sleeveless brown dress with blue cuffs and accents with a brown witches' hat.

In Season 2 she looks almost exactly the same, but now sports a white dress with some black spots on the sleeves and a silver sash around her waist. She also carries a strange scepter-like object as her weapon.


Lucinda loves to joke around and likes to call Aphmau's guards her "boyfriends" because she senses a love aura coming from them. Lucinda also just wants to help others in need to show that not all witchcraft users are bad. In the beginning, Lucinda felt hatred towards her father, Lord Luke, for sending her into exile but she soon forgave him when she found out why her father did what he did and then she began to hate her mom. She now resides in Phoenix Drop and still has a strong will to help others because shes a very kind woman

and wants to show all that.


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  • Lucinda is a name of English origin, meaning "light".
  • Her eyes were originally red when she first appeared.
  • Lucinda has potions enchanted with copies of her clothes to skip getting dressed.
  • Lucinda is 42 years old (or older) as of Season 2.
  • She was a witch prodigy at the age of ten.
  • Lucinda is often at times is referred to as "The White Witch".
  • Her staff/scepter is from the Custom NPCs mod.
  • Lucinda is one of Jessica's favorite MCD characters along with Katelyn.
  • Lucinda had hated her mother and father to quite an extent (her mother more though), but later is able to mend her ways with both of them.
  • As of season 3 Lucinda is 45 (or older).