Lucy (by Zianna)

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September 16







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Phoenix Drop High



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Phoenix Drop High Student

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Voice Actor

Anairis Quinones


MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Freshman Year 

It was implied that Lucinda attended Phoenix Drop High and met her friend Katelyn in the same year. However, the two had a falling out after they turned a boy they liked into a frog. 

Start of Sophomore Year 

After lunch, Lucinda is fighting with Katelyn on her presents in witchcraft class. Aphmau arrives to the classroom to be caught in the middle. Katelyn declares Aphmau to be her best friend, hoping to enrage Lucinda even more. However, Lucinda quickly sees through the lie and immediately calls Katelyn on it. Lucinda and Katelyn offer some bribes to Aphmau before both are turned into cats. Hyria, their teacher who threw the potion, explains to Aphmau the beginning of their rivalry. Lucinda, Katelyn and Aphmau are then partnered as two cats continue their fight via growling. 

Lucinda is invited by Aphmau to attend a slumber party, which she gladly accepts. Lucinda asks Aphmau on her plans for the night, in which she offer to watch a movie. Lucinda shuts down the offer and in exchange began to gossip. After Katelyn closes the window, Lucinda begins the conversation with Ivy's affection towards Garroth. The conversation shifts from gossip to shipping, Aphmau's mother, Sylvana, eavesdrops and with the help of Eric, breaks down the door. Zianna enters the room and the night ends with the girls dancing. 

School Festival 

During the festival, her rivalry with Kawaii~Chan flared once again, causing a fight in the hallyway. Hyria arrive to the scene and stops the two. The two girls run off as a furious Hyria chases after their tail suing potions. A school festival erupts in the school as well as Lucinda's and Kawaii~Chan's rivalry. Lucinda takes notice of Kawaii~Chan's successful Maid Cafe and marches in anger. Lucinda calls Kawaii~Chan on breaking the rules as Kawaii~Chan does the same. Their rivalry becomes reaches the climax Lucinda shows a cat potion, but she is stopper in her track as her mother, Hyria, comes to the scene. She and Kawaii~Chan run for their lives with an furious Hyria at their tail. 

Lucinda is seen once again after Travis transforms Aphmau into a series of items and animals. She is confused by Aphmau's disappearance, she sees a small potato Aphmau. Laughing hysterically, Lucinda catches herself and helps Aphmau by throwing a temporary cat potion. Travis compliments Lucinda on her looks with her thanking him. The two converse as Aphmau chases the computer mouse. 

Lucinda, Teony and Aphmau meet up in the girls bathroom to discuss about prom. Lucinda and Aphmau takes notice of Teony's high standards and their excitement of going to their respective prom. Their talk is interrupted by a heartbroken Katelyn, who is cries at the mention of Jeffory. After failed attempts of helping Katelyn out of her break-up, Lucinda and the girls go outside under Teony's suggestion. 

Start of Junior Year 

With a brand new school year, Lucinda was forced to help aide with the incoming freshmen. Finishing her round, she returns to Teony's station, much to her annoyance. 

The four go to the girls bathroom to discuss about summer break. Lucinda tells her friends on meeting this guy and his recent tranfer to Phoenix Drop High. As she recalls her story, she blushes at the question from her friends. After Aphmau explains her situation with Aaron, Lucinda is disheartened at the news. 


Prior Move 

She moved into the neighborhood with Aphmau, as it turns out she used to own a maid-café with Kawaii~Chan, but they had to close it down since "Lucinda-Chan kept blowing up the place".


In MyStreet, she wears a black bow and a black and white sweater, white socks and black boots.

In MyStreet Season 2, Lucinda wears a lavender bikini.

In MyStreet Season 5, Lucinda wears a purple sweater, black pants and shoes with purple laces. She also wears her hair in a purple bow.


In MyStreet, Lucinda is more flirty, especially with Travis.

Episode Appearances


  • From the most recent episodes of MyStreet, her voice actor is not actually voicing her. Anairis Q. confirms that she had a been busy working the previous weeks, she will eventually return soon. This may also be a reason for Lucinda's absence in the series.
  • The name "Lucinda" is of Spanish origin and it means "Light".
  • Lucinda's cosplay in the season 1 A-Con appears to be Rangiku from the anime Bleach.
  • She has been practicing witchcraft ever since she was three.



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