Maid cafe on the outside MS S1 EP16

The Maid Café is a location in the series MyStreet that makes it debut in Maid for the Job.

MyStreet Season 1

This is the café which Kawaii~Chan brings Aphmau to so she can help Kawaii~Chan get a job there to repay damages done on the house due to the fire in Burnin' Love. Kawaii~Chan was first denied of the job due every position being filled, causing her to break into tears. However, she was given a chance after Michi ended up getting fired seconds later.

As always, Aphmau ends up getting pulled into the situation, getting a job there as well as Kawaii~Chan. Zane was also pulled into the situation, covering for Aphmau and wearing her clothes so Garroth, Laurance, Dante, and Travis wouldn't see her, as she thought it would be embarrassing.

MyStreet Lover's Lane

During her time in the café, Kawaii~Chan was shown to be fast and efficient and everyone seemed to love her. Her boss, however, ignored the benefits of having her as an employee and instead found her annoying. When Kawaii~Chan finally made a mistake and accidentally gave cheese to a customer who was lactose-intolerant, her boss gladly took advantage of the situation and fired her.

Ever sine Kawaii~Chan's dismissal, the café drastically lost staff efficiency and customer satisfactory. When Aphmau went to confront her boss to try and get Kawaii~Chan back and save the café, her boss denied her wishes, admitting that she found Kawaii~Chan annoying and only fired her because of her personal opinion. This highly triggered Aphmau, having as twinkle in her eye, as she relieved herself from the café while her boss was about to promote her (possibly to keep her mouth shut about Kawaii~Chan). These events eventually lead to the opening of The Kawaii Treat Maid Sweet Café.


  • It is unclear what happened to the café after Aphmau left or if the boss is aware of the café Aphmau opened. Due to her own café not doing well, she might try to kick Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan from their café and claim it as her own. With the complexity of the law these days, it's possible.


Maid cafe on the outside MS S1 EP16

Maid Cafe (MyStreet) image gallery

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