Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Amber
  • Dark Lilac
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop

Previous Occupation(s)



Malik (Husband; Deceased)

Personal Status



Levin (Son)

First Appearance

"Zenix and Garroth's "Thank You"" (Flashback)

Last Appearance

"Levin's Mom"


Matilda is the birth mother of Levin, and wife of the previous Lord of Phoenix Drop, Malik. Aphmau went on a search to find her and did, hidden under the tavern in the city-state of Scaleswind. She was taken there by Zenix.

Current status unknown, although it is likely that she is still locked under the tavern, or she is a runaway or killed (probably by Zenix or another evil person).


Matilda has titian hair with multicolored beads tied among it. Her eyes are a muted lilac. She was seen wearing a dark grey 'off the shoulder' dress with light grey along the neck and hemline, and also wears several bracelets. She has been theorized among the fan base to be an elf, as her ears seem to be more pointed than other human characters in the series - however, if this is the case, it has not been passed down genetically to her son.


Not much is known about her personality except that she would risk her safety just so Levin would be safe, as any mother should want.



Matilda image gallery


  • Matilda is an English, and Scandinavian name, coming from the Germanic name Mahthildis meaning "strength in battle", from the elements maht "might, strength" and hild "battle".
  • When Aphmau found her cell, Matilda gave Aphmau a music box to pass on to Levin so that, in a way, he would always remember her.
  • Though she appears on the thumbnail of Episode 36 of Season 1 with amber colored eyes, in the actual episode itself it is shown that her eyes are actually lilac.
  • Matilda might have once been called Milfina, as the Lord Malik, who is believed to be her husband, expressed his feelings for Milfina in his journal. There has been no confirmation of this.

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