Merida is first seen in Season 1, Episode 8, when Aphmau has to deliver her husband's dead body to her. She was the wife of Visher and is the mother of John. She is from Bright Port. No one knows if she has got over the shock or not. She may be old and still grieving in the War of the Magi.


Merida has blonde hair and bright green eyes. She wears a dark green short-sleeved dress.


She used to be very nice, but does not exactly like Aphmau that much after bringing back her husband's dead body.


Mincraft Diaries Season 1 Episode 8 Screenshot9

Merida image gallery


  • She has the same skin as Emma.
    • This is somewhat ironic as they both only appear in the first season and both are mothers.
    • Some have speculated they are related, but it is not canon.

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