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  • September 18, 2016 (Pilot)
  • October 2, 2016 (Series)

November 3, 2016

Meteora Valley is a Minecraft roleplay series. It first premiered on October 2nd 2016. 

The series' pilot was originally livestreamed on September 18th, 2016, under the name MyStreet Roleplay Alternate Universe. The pilot contained MyStreet characters, specifially Aphmau, Garroth and Zane, who are voiced by their respective actors. 

After several weeks, the pilot was well received with the viewers and got a greenlit to become a full series. It officially premiered on October 2nd 2016. 

Meteora Valley replaced Dreams of Estorra's time slot after the latter was deemed a failure and had to be cancelled due to lack of views.

From the first episode to the fourth, the color for the series was mint green. Starting on the fifth episode, the previous four episodes thumbnails' series font color were replaced with a red fading to magenta color. This pattern continued to the ninth episode, and the finale ended with a gold font. 





Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
Pilot "Cute Animal Farm Valley" September 18, 2016 55:41 CUTE ANIMAL FARM VALLEY
1 "Valley of Secrets" October 2, 2016 16:44 Valley of Secrets
2 "Lost Little Girl" October 5, 2016 14:08 Lost Little Girl
3 "Choose Your Destiny!" October 10, 2016 16:53 Choose Your Destiny
4 "Alone in the Woods" October 13, 2016 15:34 Alone in the Woods
5 "A Bunny Princess" October 17, 2016 17:11 A Bunny Princess
6 "Talk with Animals" October 20, 2016 17:55 TALK WITH ANIMALS
7 "Spirit in the Shell" October 24, 2016 19:27 SPIRIT IN THE SHELL 
8 "The Monster" October 26, 2016 13:47 THE MONSTER
9 "The One to Save" October 31, 2016 14:38 The One to Save
10 "Phe's Past" November 3, 2016 22:37 Phe's Past


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  • The series has a distinction from Aphmau's previous series as the pilot was livestreamed and receiving a full series later on.
  • This is the first series that Aphmau has a name other then "Aphmau".
  • At the end of each episode, a choice must be made, which will be decided by the viewers. The choice can come out to be great or horrible.