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Snake Eyed Man



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Owner of Starlight

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Son (Confirmed by Derek)



Artwork of Michael shown in MyStreet: Starlight.

Michael, also known as the Snake Eyed Man, is the main antagonist of MyStreet: The Emerald Secret and MyStreet: When Angels Fall.


Michael was a powerful magic user and friend of Derek, Elizabeth, Zack and Garte. One day, he pitched that they could save the world and help people who don't know what's good for them - to help them see the way of true happiness. Using Derek and Garte's business and marketing skills along with Zack and Elizabeth's medical expertise to create and sell Forever Potions, a type of potion that could cure previously incurable diseases and grant people powerful abilities. After testing these potions on Garroth and Katelyn (along with possibly Aphmau and an unknown son of Michael's) they started to sell them.

Upon realizing that these potions were killing people, Garte fought with Michael, causing Michael, Zack and Elizabeth to attempt to execute Garte. Michael opened a gate he called 'his realm' in an attempt to get rid of Garte, but Derek and Garte ended up turning the tables and forcing them into the realm instead.

He somehow managed to later break free from his realm along with Zack and Elizabeth sometime before Phoenix Drop High. He then possessed the body of Terry Valkrum, and eventually became the owner of Starlight Wonderland.

Michael eventually perpetrated the events of MyStreet: The Emerald Secret, sending Ein as his pawn. He created the forever potions that Ein would use on Aphmau and the others. While Aaron and the group were heading to the lodge, Michael confronted Ein and told him to use a specific potion on Aphmau. He also gave him permission to kill anyone who intervenes with their plans and hurt the wolves’ Alpha if they disobey. He later found Ein laying in the snow, covered with blood. Ein said that he can still be useful, with Michael agreeing.

Zack later informs Michael that Derek and his family were on the island and that they were confirmed to be connected to the Ultima to the public. Michael then called the Guardian Force to the island to hunt down the Lycans and anyone friends with them. He also put the island on lockdown, preventing anyone from leaving.

During the lockdown, he insured that his goal was to protect the guest in Starlight, but his actual plan was far more sinister. He even started to slowly take full control over the Guardian Force under Toby's nose. When Derek turned himself in to protect his family, Michael used this to locate where his group was hiding. Michael confronted Derek without authority, to which he took control of a guard and ordered him to kill the other guard. It was explained that Michael was in some sort of pain, but Derek changes the topic and tells Michael that he has the Ultima and should stop his search. Michael then told Derek that his sacrifice was in vain since he knew the Ultima curse was passed down to Aaron. Michael then sent armed guards to raid the hotel where everyone was at. When one of the guards informed Derek that they found Derek's daughter, even though she was unarmed and cooperating, he ordered for her execution. At the end of the raid, Garte, Zianna, Rowan, and Rachel were all captured and possibly executed.

Michael later went to where the celestial cannon was uncovered. An ancient man named Hola was on the other side of a forcefield that kept Michael's men from accessing the weapon. Hola knew their intentions and refused to let the weapon be used ever again. Growing impatient, Michael simply phased through the barrier and attempted to take control of Hola, but Hola easily resisted.

Michael was eventually able to overpower Holla and take control of the weapon. He explained that he once had immeasurable power, but his son decided to take it all for himself. He started searching for where it came from and why it resonated with him. That was until he found a diary about a man, his wife and son, a comet, and a cannon. He started to question Holla how many times he let Irene use it and how many people she brought here to kill. All he was asking was to do the same thing. With that, he activates the weapon, causing a massive earthquake to be felt throughout the entire park.

He later walked up to his quarters on the center island. He was told that every TV was replaced and that the video he planned to broadcast was being edited. He told his guards to make sure "he" sees it. When they asked him about the tremors, he said he was just testing the flight capabilities. He then told them to get his helicopter prepped, with them saying they'll be ready for takeoff once he's ready.

At nightfall, he explained through a walkie talkie that it was time to start the evacuation of the island through the resort. He wanted as many people there as possible. He wanted the Guardian Force to take them to the main walkways slowly and be ready to stop them at a moment's notice. He orders for the evacuation to start immediately and to make sure the guests are cooperative once they reach the resort.

When he hangs up, he is suddenly immobilized, with Kim and Lucinda revealing themselves being disguised as guards. He warned them not to make any move that will come to bite them back. Ghost claims that he'll pay for what he's done. Michael suddenly feels a familiar aura in Ghost, claiming that she's been on this island before. He then questions whether she misplaced the rest of her soul or sacrificed it. Lucinda then calls Michael out on that body not belonging to him, questioning Michael on how long he can survive without a host. With Ghost saying to get rid of him already, Lucinda begins the exorcism. Michael pretends to worry, with Ghost realizing what he's planning. Before she could tell Lucinda to stop, Michael exits Terry's body. Horrified, Terry questions Lucinda what she's done.

Travis meanwhile experiences great pain, with the inner demon inside him turning into Michael, who takes full control of his body. With the snap of his fingers, he takes full control over Garroth and Katelyn, explaining that playtime is over. He summons a sword through a smoke-like portal, giving it to Garroth, and telling him to put down Zane. When outside, he tells Irene that he knows she can hear him. Everything she created, everyone she saved, will all turn to nothing. As he says this, Ein shoots Aphmau through her heart with a green beam and Garroth slices open Kawaii~Chan's torso. After an evil laugh, Michaels goes on to explain that he will forge a new relic from the souls of Starlight's guests, and once he does, he will find Irene, and he will kill her.


Michael has pale skin, wears a gold and purple robe, along with lavender, gold and black gloves. His head also appears to be bald. His attire very heavily resembles his alias, the 'Snake Eyed Man,' a forever potion maker shown in the Emerald Secret episode "I Will Always Love You." When possessing Terry, he has his hair straightened out.


Derek describes Michael as "Very charming, very witty [and] very cunning." Derek notes that he was obsessed with witchcraft, potions, and realms, and that above all else, he was obsessed with a stone, emeralds.

He isn’t against having people killed, even unarmed citizens and his own men. Instead of showing remorse for these actions, he feels joy, as shown when he smirked while giving orders to kill Melissa.

Michael has shown to be quite difficult to outsmart. Derek believed that Michael would call off the Guardian Forces if he turned himself in as the Ultima, but Derek knew that the curse passes down through generations. He even used Derek's sacrifice as a way to locate the people he was trying to protect. The only known time he was outsmarted was when he was pushed into his own trap.


  • Michael knows about the Lycan family secret and wished to hunt down Derek and Aaron after what Derek did.
  • Michael is assumed by many, to actually be Travis' dad, Terry.
  • He is the first and only villain to actually kill people, one of his own men and Melissa.