Michi is a character that appears as the quarternary antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi.


  • Poisoned Sweets
  • Sweet-talking
  • Manipulation




Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Light Yellow (Formerly)
  • Olive Green (Currently)
Professional Status
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Slave Trader
Personal Status



Michi (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Travel Begins"

Voice Actor

Come on, admit it! Cat-girls are much cuter than regular girls!

-Michi, Season 2 Episode 17


Michi, or Michi~Chan, made her first appearance in Minecraft Diaries on Episode 16 (Travel Begins) in Season Two when she made a short appearance at the end of the episode, but was introduced properly in Episode 17 (The Cat's Meow). She is a Meif'wa, or a cat-human hybrid. She shares this trait with Kawaii-Chan, though she hates when people assume that they are related.

As a child she lived in an unspecified Meif'wa village. Ten years ago she moved to a new region after her parents passed away and left her an orphan. The people of her village thought she was useless so they tried to sell her as a slave. She managed to escape and hid in her cat form until some dogs tried to attack her. Luckily for her, The Crazy Cat Lady, who by now had disowned Donna, her biological daughter, for being wed to Logan, a werewolf, saved her. She eventually decided to reveal her Meif'wa identity to The Crazy Cat Lady (Urla). Urla gladly accepted Michi's heritage, adopting Michi into her care. Michi began to look upon Urla as a mother and a hero figure, and the two grew quite close. Unfortunately Urla passed away two years prior to the events of The Cat's Meow, leaving Michi alone.

However, we do not know if all this information is accurate, as Michi has been known to lie a lot.

It was found out a few episodes later that she was taken to the South-Eastern Wolf Tribe as of recently to marry a prince in order to fulfill a prophecy against her will. Determined not to marry this prince, she makes a deal with the king of the tribe. If she doesn't find a new female Meif'wa to marry his son within two months, she will be captured once again and executed for lying.

Luckily for her, a few days before her deadline, Aphmau, Laurence and Katelyn arrive at her home out of curiosity, as they once knew Urla who once lived there. Finding this as a chance to fulfill her promise, she invites them in and chats with Aphmau while all her guests eat her treats and tea, gathering information to see if Aphmau would be a match for the prince. Not much later, they all lose consciousness because it turns out Michi poisoned them with her homemade tea and cookies in order to kidnap them to bring to the wolf tribe in order to spare her life. Later on when coming to the realization that Laurence is not interested in developing a romantic relationship with her, she brings him to the king to execute him, proclaiming him as Aphmau's lover, which is forbidden due to the fact that she is already engaged to the prince of the South-Eastern Wolf Tribe.

No one knows yet for sure but, Michi probably purposely drove Lord Levin's ship with Malachi and Zoey inside straight into the shore. She dragged them to a small vessel. This may be due to the fact that Levin is a bloodline descendant of Lady Irene, and many believe that her blood, if infused with theirs, will give them the powers of a god. Michi may have heard this, and decided to collect a small amount of Levin's blood, to sell.

In Episode 47, a villager in New Meteli spots Shadow Soul chase after something, Aphmau immediately goes to the spot to find Shadow Souls pinning Michi down. She slays the Shadow Souls and both She and Laurance tie Michi up and make her go to the place where she sold Zoey, Levin and Malachi to thieves.

In the Season 2 finale, it is revealed that Laurance let both her and Sasha escape. Michi doesn't want to wander alone without Laurance, and is sick of Ru'an, saying it's boring. Sasha also decides to accompany her to Tu'la.


Michi has a tan complexion. She has long, straight lilac hair, and eyes that appear to constantly alternate between sage yellow and citron green in colour. Like all Meif'wa, she has cat ears and a tail, which are colored dark grey.

She is seen wearing a black top with a white horizontal strip across the chest, and white and grey striped off-the-shoulder sleeves. Michi wears black boots with grey and white striped knee-high stockings with a black garter belt attaching her stockings to her shirt.


On first impression, Michi seems kind, innocent and somewhat naïve, perhaps not in a dissimilar way as Kawaii~Chan. However, it does not take long for her true colours to show, since she gets bored easily, and prefers to get straight to the point rather than stalling, though she is aware that the latter tactic is helpful in tricking others. Underneath her facade of naivety and femininity, Michi is conniving, selfish, and is not afraid to use seductive tactics in order to trap her male victims.

While it appears that she has a soft spot for family members and cats, Michi goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants, while doggedly refusing to take no for an answer. She is stubborn, frivolous and carefree, and sometimes even vulgar.



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  • Michi is a Japanese name meaning "righteous way", which is ironic, as Michi is portrayed to be wicked and devious.
  • She is one of four known Meif'wa, the other 3 being Kawaii~Chan, Nekoette~Tan and Mikai.
  • She speaks similarly to Kawaii~Chan, using Japanese honorifics and talking about herself with honorifics in third person. However, her usage of these terms does not seem to be as common at it is during Kawaii~Chan's dialogue, who uses them every time she references a person.
  • Michi adds "Nya" or "Nyu" to the ends of all her sentences, which is the Japanese translation of "Meow".
  • The Boss has mentioned that Michi sells humans to different people, suggesting that she is part of the illegal slave trade.


Come on, admit it! Cat-girls are much cuter than regular girls!

- Michi, Minecraft Diaries Season 2, Episode 17

I have no need for him since he didn't want to have fun with me at all! Meow! Hmph!

- Michi, Season 2 Episode 19


- Michi (almost every time her annoying, bratty mouth opens).