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Phoenix Drop High Michi

Michi S3


Cupcake (by Laurance)



  • Poisoned Sweets
  • Sweet-talking
  • Manipulation






Hair Color
  • Lilac (Currently)
  • Lilac with gold highlights (In high school)
Eye Color

Olive Green

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Waitress
  • Baker
Previous Partner

Laurance (Ex-Boyfriend)

Personal Status



Kawaii~Chan (Frenemy


Kawaii~Chan (Frenemy)



First Appearance
Voice Actor



In Phoenix Drop High, Michi is a fan of Laurance like many other students, but Laurance thought it was too much to handle, he set in a bench in front of a classroom out of which Michi came out asking him what was happening. Garroth had told him to invent a pretend girlfriend like he did so they leave him, but Laurance thought it wasn't a good idea to lie. Later, we learn that Laurance told his fans that he has a girlfriend and to Garroth's surprise, it was Michi. Throughout the following episode we see them hanging together, Michi even thought of making Laurance a lunch, she calls him teddy bear.

In The Big Move, Michi's MyStreet counterpart was first introduced when she got into trouble at the bakery she used to work at. Later on the Side Stories series, she was used by Garroth and Laurance to make Aphmau jealous. They were caught, however and Aphmau felt sympathy for Michi.

In MyStreet, Michi was up to no good. In "Mistletoe Wars PT 2.:The Kiss", she purposely landed herself under the mistletoe with Reese so she could kiss him, even though she knew Kawaii~Chan liked him.

In "The Valentine's Date PT 3.", she used a love potion Lucinda made to help her get Aaron, who she was now taking interest in. The potion turned her into Aphmau and she tricked Aaron into trying to kiss her. The potion wore off soon afterwards. Aphmau caught Michi trying to kiss Aaron and got mad at both of them. However, Garroth and Laurance saw the whole scene and they stepped in to defend Aaron and reassure Aphmau. Then Zane, Aphmau's best friend and Michi's date, came in and told Michi that it was time to go. Michi has not been seen since then in the first or second season until Lover's Lane.

MyStreet Lover's Lane

Michi appears in "Surprise Date! and "Gene's Worry". (TBC)


Michi has a tan complexion with long, straight lilac colored hair in MyStreet and green eyes, while in Phoenix Drop High, Michi has somewhat shorter and wavier hair with yellow highlights. Being of the Meif'wa species, she has cat ears and a tail, which are colored dark grey.

In The Big Move, she is often seen with a black crop top attached with red flannel sleeves and a black choker necklace she often wears around her neck, along with wearing some sort of black skirt/shorts and black converse.

In MyStreet, she wears an off the shoulder shirt, with a black and grey ombre, with purple jeans, once again having an ombre of all different shades of dark purple, with grey boots.

In Phoenix Drop High, Michi wears the regular girl's uniform.


During her high school years, Michi had a calm, quiet and controlled demeanor. This is especially shown towards the end of "Aphmau Plays Cupid", where she thanks Zane for Aphmau's generosity. 

In MyStreet. Michi is a jealous and sly character, wanting to ruin budding couples relationships, or ruining her friends' dreams.



"She knows I am evil, right?"

- Michi to Kawaii~Chan, MyStreet, Episode 5

UGH! Would you shut up about stupid candy!? You just keep talking about sweets! Now steal these cookies!

- Michi to Reese, MyStreet, Episode 9


  • It's said that Michi caught a cold from Reese and Kawaii~Chan gave her soup for her cough.
  • She appears in some of the Side Stories (an alternate universe where the Minecraft Diaries characters are placed in a modernized setting and is not connected to the plot of the main series), working as a baker in a cake shop only to get fired for making the cakes too bitter. She reappears in the episode "Abs-olutely Lovers", helping Garroth and Laurence, who are jealous when they are convinced that Aphmau is moving to a house near where Aaron lives and helping them create a plan to kidnap Aaron and send Garroth undercover to get information about where Aphmau is moving. Once again, she appears in the episode "The Date", acting as Laurance's date to the cinema, in which he plans to make Aphmau jealous.
  • As of Episode 20 of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, we learn that she was a student at Phoenix Drop High.
    • In this same episode, we learn that most forgot her birthday. This may be because she is more of an outcast at Phoenix Drop High.
  • Michi's backup Voice Actor is Jess.
  • It is possible that she is the one that informed the press that the Lycan family are Ultimas.


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