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  2. Autumnlight

World Time-Line

  1. Shadow King left the Nether and War of The Magi began (Aprox. 4000 years before the events of season 1)
  2. Divine Warriors banded together and defeated the Shadow King (Aprox. 900 years before the events of season 1)
  3. Aphmau spawns in, and finds Phoenix Drop thanks to Vylad.
  4. Aphmau, along with Katelyn, Laurance, Kenmur, Emmalyn, the Stranger are sent to Irene's Dimension with Garroth, Lillian/the Masked Man, and Zane by Zane using his relic; thus causing them to go 15 years into the future.

War of The Magi and The Divine Warriors

History of Phoenix Drop

The 15 year Jump

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