Phoenix Drop

Levin- Adoptive son of Aphmau; Biological son of Matilda. In Season 2, he is now the Lord of Phoenix Drop.

Malachi- Adoptive son of Aphmau. In Season 2, he helps Levin run Phoenix Drop.

Alexis- Daughter of Dale and Molly; Younger sister of Brian. In Season 2, she is now a Guard of Phoenix Drop.

Brian- Son of Dale and Molly; Older brother of Alexis.

Kyle - Son of Corey and Emma. In Season 2, he is now a Guard of Phoenix Drop.

Yip - Adoptive son of Logan and Donna; Biological son of the Eastern Werewolf Tribe Alpha.

Leona - Daughter of Kiki, Niece of Brendan. In Season 2, she lives in Scaleswind.

Bright Port

John - Son of Visher and Merida. In Season 2, he is now the Lord of Brightport.

Southern Werewolf Tribe

Lowell - He is a albino pure-blood werewolf. In Season 2, he is now Alpha of the Southern Werewolf Tribe.

Kiva - She is a pure-blood werewolf.

Tarnak - Daughter of Tala.

Pikoro Village




Abby - Daughter of Jeffory the Golden Heart.




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