Minecraft Diaries episodes are broken into several story arcs. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc plot and the chapters and episodes they comprise.

Please note that these given names are not canon.  

Season 1

Episode 1-4: New World Arc (New World - The Lord's Journal)

Episode 5-19: Bright Port Arc (The Dock & Dolphin - Lord of Bright Port)

Episode 20-23: Tranquility Arc (Return Home - The Shower)

Episode 24-37: Scaleswind Arc (Promises Made - Garroth's Face)

Episode 38-41: Access the Nether Arc (Laurance "The Hunk" - Memoirs of Sasha)

Episode 42-47: Nether Aftermath Arc (Levin Grows! - To Love or Leave?)

Episode 48-51: Wedding Arc (Transformation - Wedding on the Docks)

Episode 52-58: Baby Showers Arc (Sacrifice Made - Smile)

Episode 59-77: Tribe War Arc (Wolves Plight - Coming Home)

Episode 78-81: Phoenix Rising Arc (Coming Home! - Fallen Angel)

Episode 82-87: Shifting Tides Arc (A Boat On Water - The Smile of Alexis)

Episode 88-100: Phoenix War Arc (The Tossed Cats - The Amulet's Secret)

Season 2

Episode 1-5: Welcome to Phoenix Drop Arc (Welcome to Phoenix Drop - The Relic)

Episode 6-15: Enter New Meteli Arc (The Girl from Another Village - Sasha's Rage)

Episode 16-25: Journey to Scaleswind Arc (Travel Begins - A Lady's Best Friend)

Episode 26-28: Family Affair Arc (Katelyn's Angst - Our Past Love)

Episode 29-34: The Gal'ruk Region Arc (The Wind at Sea - My Golden Friend)

Episode 35-48: Missing Sons Arc (Dmitri's Father - Sons of Phoenix Drop)

Episode 49-51: Scholar Wedding Arc (An Honorable Request - A Phoenix Drop Wedding)

Episode 52-58: Sights of Pikoro Arc (Journey Witch Way - Goodbye Pikoro)

Episode 59-64: Voyage to the Island Arc (Mother and Daughter - Her Name)

Episode 65-80: Discovery of the Island Arc (The Island Shores - The Refugee's Plight)

Episode 81-85: Pyrrhic Victory Arc (His Choice - The Next Step)

Episode 86-92: Infiltrate O'Khasis Arc (Reunion With A Thief - A Lord and Her Guards)

Episode 93-96: Time of Peace Arc (Hello Hyria - The Protecter's Shrine)

Episode 97-100: Divine History Arc (She's Pregnant!? - The Angel Irene)

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