Minecraft Diaries Timeline

This is a timeline of all important events of the Minecraft Diaries Seasons. This will not include Side Stories or other series with the MCD Characters.

Minecraft Diaries: Origins

Minecraft Diaries Orgins acutally has nothing to do with the main series. The actual storyline starts in "season 2" now known as "The Rise of Phoenix Drop". In the first few episodes she shows off the spider queen reborn mod, and after that continues to live in her village with her family from a showcase before this I believe, about the Minecraft Comes Alive mod. "Season 2" is now known as season 1.

Minecraft Diaries: Rise Of Phoenix Drop

Episode 1: Aphmau enters a new world and finds another player whose identity is unknown (Later on it is revealed to be Vlyad) .She follows him and finds a Village. She meets some Sentient villagers and moves into the library with the librarian (Emmalyn) who does not like her very much.

Episode 2: The mysterious person from Episode one is shown being talked to by another unknown person just outside of the town. It is discovered the previous Lord is presumed dead. Off camera Aphmau has done some town renovations like fixing up the walk ways in town. She visits some other villages and brings back some of their citizens.

Minecraft Diaries: War of The Magi


Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector