Minecraft Side Stories are multi-part mini series that are short and simple. Episodes tends to be different between each series and episodes are minimum, airing episodes until the entire series is finished. Aphmau used this to produce more content within each mini-series. Once a series is completed, a brand new is spawned until it finishes its run, then a new series premiere, and so on. 

Due to The Big Move continuation to MyStreet and the series expanding, side stories has been absent since late October 2015. A new side-story titled MyStreet Detours! spawned after the end of the prequel series, becoming its first official side-story to the MyStreet series. The time difference between the last two series is about 9 months, the most wait since side-stories premiered. 

Side-stories are categorized as its own separate series, despite some of them connecting to main series later on. According to the Best of Character videos, the Slumber Party side story,despite being a Minecraft Diaries Side Story, it is loosely canon to MyStreet.

Typically, Side-stories have little to no impact to the main story of Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet. Any referenced made on the mini-series is not said or mentioned. 

Series Overview

No. Series Episodes Originally Aired
Premiere Finale
1 Beach 6 July 14, 2015 August 15, 2015
2 Movie Night 2 August 21, 2015 August 27, 2015
3 Slumber Party 3 September 26, 2015 October 9, 2015
4 Autumn 3 October 15, 2015 October 23, 2015
5 Halloween 2 October 26, 2015 October 30, 2015
6 The Big Move 5 November 3, 2015 November 21, 2015


Episode 1 - Beach Vacation!

On unlucky arrival, they met up with Zane where Aphmau plays jousting with one of Zane's guards to get the best spot. Soon after they watched the fireworks later that evening.

Episode 2 - Island Park Vacation

Upon enjoying the vacation, Brendan tries to prove his courage to Kawaii~Chan by sliding into a big slide.

Episode 3 - Beach Date

Aphmau caught Kawaii~Chan stalking on a hut where the Candy Prince, Prince Reese settles in, when he exited from his door, Kawaii~Chan hides while Aphmau talked to Prince Reese. Prince Resse invited them to the Coco Bongo Restaurant with the entire group. Kawaii~Chan prepared fast and when Brendan heard about it, it made him speechless.

Episode 4 - Date Prank

Aphmau and Laurance plan on a prank to Garroth that Aphmau has a liking to Prince Reese. Upon the resturant, Brendan and Garroth got jealous over it. When Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan got nearer to him, Garroth accidently threw a pie in Zane's face instead of Reese's. Zane had TNT and exploded the place. It end up with Garroth, Zane, Brendan and Prince Reese in beach jail for about a day to talk about their feelings.

Episode 5 - Beach Beauty

Aphmau was stressed out of the event and asked Laurance that she can have a drama-free day. When she went outside, the founder of the Island Resort, Lady Luck, announced that she and her friends would be joining the Beauty contest for a mind-controlling machine. When they were there, they saw an unusual girl named Zanerina (which she knows is Zane, the High Priest of O'khasis) joined the beauty contest. On the end of the contest, Lady Luck said that there was no winner and there was no contest because the one who won was her. Zane got mad and took TNT and exploded the place. She, I mean he, ended up in jail, again.

Episode 6 - Love and Jealousy

On the aftermath, Aphmau did not have a drama-free day. She saw Kawaii~Chan hanging out with Prince Reese in a pink umbrella and pink mat. When Aphmau looked behind her, she noticed someone hiding behind a yellow taxi. When she went closer, she saw Professor Polly hiding. She explained that Prince Reese asked her on a date before but ended up that he was experimenting her for human conversation (in her own way). Aphmau suspected that she's jealous but she won't admit it. Professor Polly invited Kawaii~Chan to go with her behind the taxi. Later on Aphmau sees Kawaii~Chan talking to Prince Reese how he is mean to women (which made him speechless), it turns out that the real Kawaii~Chan was walking only to see that. The fake Kawaii~Chan turned back to Polly and Prince Reese reacted and said that he never meant to do such a thing and that both Kawaii~Chan and Professor Polly are beautiful women.

Movie Night

Episode 1 - Movie Date

Garroth had already asked Aphmau on a date on the movies, which she agreed. Upon going there, they found seats for their friends, Laurance came and Aphmau said him to stay away from trouble. She saw Brendan in fear, he explained that Lucinda was so scary that he accidentaly asked her out but then he wanted to ask Kawaii~Chan instead of her, which Kawaii~Chan overheard and accepted. She said that he should handle it himself. On the movie, Garroth forgot his soda and went to get it, he accidentaly went to the wrong movie theather and saw to people that look like Aphmau and Laurance kissing. He got mad but suddenly when they turned their faces, it was other people that look like them but instead have derpy faces, it freaked him out and he ran this time to the right place. He asked Aphmau if she had a twin sister with a derpy face, but she said that it was rude.

Episode 2 - Dinner After Movie

Slumber Party

Episode 1 - Slumber Party!

Episode 2 - The Boys Slumber Party

Episode 3 - Boys, Girls and... Ponies!?


Episode 1 - Fall Carnival Days

Episode 2 - Haunted House

Episode 3 - FALL-ing For You


Episode 1 - Trick or Treat Misadventures!

Episode 2 - Happy Halloween!

The Big Move

Main article: The Big Move


  • The side story The Big Move leads to Minecraft 'MyStreet.
  • All Side Stories consist of characters from Minecraft Diaries and Mod Mod World.



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