Minecraft Side Stories are broken into several story arcs/series. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc plot and the chapters and episodes they comprise. 

Please note that these given names are not canon. 

The Big Move Arc

The Big Move 1 Catch

Aaron catching Aphmau

Garroth and Laurance ovehear Aphmau on the phone, completely misunderstanding her wording. Worried about the upcoming confrontation, the two disguise themselves in better hopes to learn more of Aphmau's secret. Their facade is easily recognizable, while Aaron and Aphmau exit her apartment. At IHOP, Aphmau talks to Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan about moving in with her, and both happily says yes. However, their nights become a fuzzy memory as Garroth and Laurance brings an army of ocelots to attack Aaron. 

Disappointed by their actions, Aphmau rebukes their actions. Apologetic at first, Garroth and Laurance insist to help Kawaii~Chan in her moving by heading to her apartment. Later on, Aphmau and Aaron heads out to aid Katelyn's with her packing. Upon enterting Kawaii~Chan's, Aphmau is reluctant to see Garroth and Laurance but simply brushes off their strange behavior. Covered in doubt, Laurance and Garroth steal Kawaii~Chan and soon sustain pain that's caused by her. 

Receiving a major beating, Garroth and Laurance are intrigued by Aaron and Aphmau strange outgoing. Doubt fresh on their mind, the two inverstigate and gets an unwanted image in their minds, resulting in a scheme. During the dinner, Aaron is knocked out by Michi, commanded by Garroth and Laurance. Garroth switches clothes with Aaron and his disguise is shattered. Exiting the washroom in his boxers, Aaron causes many women to be knocked out, and Aphmau to blush bright-red.

Feeling remorsed for their wrongdoings, Garroth's and Laurance's mind are still full of doubt. Asking advice from a thiry-party, the two calls Dante, which encourage them to pursue their actions. At the movies, Aphmau feels awful for her friends misbehavior and Aaron accepts. Heading in the movie, Garroth, Laurance, and Michi arrive to stir up trouble, in hopes to make Aphmau jealous. Angering them greatly, Garroth and Laurance transform but is attacked by Aaron's retaliation. 
The Big Move Prepare To Fight

Prepare to Fight!

Aphmau is finished packing her belongings and prepares to sleep. However, her minds is still anxious about the big move. She then goes to Garroth's and Laurance's apartment to confront the two on the previous conflict. She tries to mend their friendship by watching a movie. Unknown to Laurance's actions, he grabs her purse in pursue to know the address of her new house. The two calls Dante over to invite him on moving with them to the same neighborhood as Aphmau. Reluctant at first, he is persuaded by the seed of doubt planted by Laurance, and accepts willingly. 


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