Mistletoe Wars PT.2: The Kiss
MyStreet 9
Season 1, Episode 9
Post Date December 17, 2015
Duration 18:22
Written By *Jessica
  • Jason
Directed By *Jessica
  • Jason
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Tree of Friendship"

"Mistletoe Wars PT.2: The Kiss" is the 9th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on December 17th, 2015.


"Kawaii~Chan probably shouldn't have interfered with Garroth and Laurance, now she might have a price to pay."


Kawaii~Chan is shrieking in terror as Michi and Reese kiss under the mistletoe. However, she was simply dreaming and has fainted, causing Aphmau to help her regain consciousness. Waking up, Kawaii~Chan turns her head and sees Michi and Reese kissing once more, breaking another dream sequence.

She awakes once more by Katelyn's shaking. Recovering from her horrific dream, Kawaii~Chan turns her head to the mistletoe once more sees that Michi and Reese are indeed kissing, causing her to cry. 

Saddened, she screams that she despises Michi. Hearing the ruckus, Aphmau goes downstairs to investigate the noise and asks Katelyn the source of the disturbance. Heading back upstairs, Katelyn is locked out of her room.

Aphmau then notice the weeping Kawaii~Chan, who she says is acting normally. Aphmau welcomes Cadenza to the party and she gives her a cupcakes with sprinkles. Hearing the word sprinkles again, Garroth weeps on the floor, whilst Cadenza goes into the kitchen to place her cupcakes.

Sobbing uncontrollably, Laurance explains the dilemma to Aphmau, who tries to keep her cool. After hearing the story, Aphmau is angry on the broken front door and remembers the nightmare she endured while being a cat. 

She goes into the garage to grab another door as a replacement and is accompanied by Laurance's assistance. Repairing the door, Laurance briefly explains his motives to Aphmau on defacing Katelyn's photo as a revenge to Zane. The new door in placed, the two separate and continue with the party. 

Examining their new door, Aphmau is alerted by Garroth, who wants to ask a question, but is interrupted by another doorbell ring. Opening the door, she welcomes Aaron to her home, who arrived late. Seeing his presence, Garroth feels threatened by Aaron.

Laurance arrives once more to ask Aphmau to follow him to the mistletoe, however Garroth takes the mistletoe and runs off. The two guys fight as they continuously circle around the kitchen and living room. They then trip on each other as Aaron takes the mistletoe and hangs it up in the proper place.

Garroth and Laurance stand up to be scolded by Aphmau of their immature behavior they showed tonight. Remorse of their actions, Aphmau suggest the two to calm down. Checking on her guest, she receives more collateral from her guests.

In the kitchen, Garroth formally apologizes once more. Garroth is surprised to see Aaron's appearance, but Aphmau soon explain that she often runs into Aaron whilst walking Celeste. Hearing the sudden revelation, Garroth exits the conversation to talk to Laurance privately.

Garroth explains that using Celeste to attract Aphmau under the mistletoe to get a kiss. Upstairs in Aphmau's room, Dante is playing with Celeste, but are stopped by Garroth's and Laurance's presence. As the guys offer Celeste a gift, she runs downstairs, causing the guys to chase after her.

Running downstairs, all three trip on each other and lands on the floor. Aphmau comforts Celeste dearly. Katelyn and Nicole ridicule the guys as they were under the mistletoe. Dante blurts out that he rather kiss Katelyn's poster, causing the guys to be attacked by her.

Outside, Zane is seen watching the party from afar and leaves to return to his home.



  • Aaron makes his first appearance after being mentioned in "The New House", 8 episodes earlier. 
  • According to Laurance, Garroth was not allowed to keep a pet as a child. This is contradicted by a future episode, "Don't Tell Aaron PT.2 Mom Ro'Meave" where the Ro'Meave family owned a hamster. 
  • The mistletoe that Aphmau hung is her grandmother's.
  • Laurance is revealed to read Laurance and Aphmau fanfictions.
  • By the end of the episode, Michi and Reese appears to be a couple.
  • Whilst walking Celeste, Aphmau often runs into Aaron and the two would walk together.


Mistletoe Wars PT.2 The Kiss Minecraft MyStreet Ep

Mistletoe Wars PT.2 The Kiss Minecraft MyStreet Ep.9 Minecraft Roleplay


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