Mr. & Mrs. Travis
MyStreet 23
Season 1, Episode 23
Post Date February 5, 2016
Duration 15:45
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Secret Lovers"
 "Mr. & Mrs. Travis" is the 23rd episode of MyStreet.  It premiered on February 5th, 2016. 


"Katelyn has a very urgent appointment when Jeffory asks of her a favor."


In her room, Katelyn is running around frantically for she is late for her test. As she prepares to leave, Travis stands by her door and playfully flirts with her. He tries to calm her down but is unsuccessful. He then teases her and suggests a way to stop time by looking into his eyes and kiss him, and Katelyn retaliates by beating him up. 

On the floor, Travis comments on his effort when suddenly Katelyn receives an unexpected call. Katelyn and Travis go downstairs to welcome Jeffory and Abby. 

At the door, Jeffory asks Katelyn to watch over Abby, while he goes over for an interview for a job. Katelyn unwillingly says yes and is astonished. 

Katelyn introduces Abby to Travis, which Abby then despises due to his interest in Katelyn. Abby insults Travis on his appearance and he becomes angry at Abby. Sharing a small laugh, Katelyn instantly remembers her test and asks Travis a favor, but in exchange a dinner date with Katelyn. As Katelyn exits, Abby and Travis have a small conflict, resulting in him getting hurt.

At Aphmau's room, she and Aaron are alerted by a screech. As they say their goodbyes, Travis enters the room and interrupts the moment. Aaron leaves for work, while Travis informs her on watching over Abby.

Recollecting her thoughts, Aphmau stubbornly accepts the job and the two go downstairs to check on Abby. As they reach the stairs, Abby is nowhere to be seen. Searching the possible places, the basement is the last location they check. 

In the basement, Abby is seen playing toys. Worried, Aphmau asks Abby if she had seen the shrine but Abby denies it. Travis then brings her upstairs to play a different game. 

In the living room, Abby suggests they have a princess tea party. Dressed in princess clothing, Abby "wed" Aphmau and Travis, in hopes that the latter would stop approaching Katelyn. As the ceremony begins, Aphmau and Travis are holding hands, but is objected by Celeste. She then chases after Travis, while Abby and Aphmau go bake a wedding cake. 



  • The title is possibly a reference to the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".
  • Katelyn and Travis are said to have gone to the same high school. This implies that all MyStreet characters attended the same school.
    • Katelyn is said to have passed all her tests even though she freaks out on everyone.
  • Abby prefers Katelyn to be with Jeffory rather than with Travis. 
  • Abby addresses Katelyn as "Auntie Katelyn". This does not mean that Abby sees her as family or an actual aunt. She was most likely using "auntie" in a formal manner. 
  • The princess outfit that Aphmau is wearing during the tea party is one of her last attires in Minecraft Diaries Season 1. 
  • Travis commenting that he has "demon-good looks" is a reference to Minecraft Diaries, where he is a demon.
    • Travis also commented that he has an Instagram account.


Mr. & Mrs. Travis Minecraft MyStreet Ep

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Minecraft MyStreet Ep.23 Minecraft Roleplay


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