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February 4, 2017


May 11, 2017

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 The fourth season of MyStreet, fully titled as MyStreet: Emerald Secret or Emerald Secret in short. It premiered on February 4, 2017. 

The season was first announced on February 1st, 2017, in the description of the episode "Worst Idea Ever".[1]

Like the previous two seasons, this season uses a theme song. For this season, the song "Be With You" by Mondays feat. Lucy is used during the first few seconds of an episode.[2]

Unlike the previous three seasons (and mini-seasons), which is lighthearted and comedic, the series starts out like any other MyStreet season, but as more events starts to affect Aphmau and the gang throughout the series, the season becomes a lot more serious as more drama adds in due to the entrance of a villain during the last five episodes.  

The season focuses on Aaron's group heading to the lodge on Bunny Hill and its restoration. However, an enemy from the past has returned, slowly taking someone one by one as revenge until tragedy strikes. It is up to Aaron, the main focus of the season, must learn how to protect and save those precious to him while weighing his fate as the descendent bloodline of the Ultima Wolf. 
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The season was first hinted by Jason in the video "Jessica's Day Off!" He announced that a fourth season is possible if the support of the viewers were high. He added that the break between the third and the fourth seasons would be longer to let the series settle while the production team brainstormed for plot of the upcoming season.

The production team were in favor of expanding MyStreet Phoenix Drop High because of the high school setting. However, after the team discussed the series, it was initially scrapped due to the alignment of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High and MyStreet with a few inconsistencies.[3] However, a second season PDH began anyway.

It was later revealed, that the fourth season of MyStreet and second season of Phoenix Drop High were planned together.

For the first time in the MyStreet series, Aaron takes the position as the main protagonist and everything is seen in his point of view. Aphmau, whilst playing a smaller role in the first two episodes, also shares the point of view with Aaron. Kim also is upgraded as a main character for the season. 

Following the fourth episode, Aphmau returns as the main protagonist and point of view character. From the fourteenth to sixteenth episode, the point of view returns back to Aaron as Aphmau became a villain and recurring antagonist during the last five episodes.

Initially, starting with six main characters, the season had the smallest main cast. However, the end credits of the finale shows Ein, Tatiana, and Ghost part of the main cast, bumping the number to nine, similar to MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise.


The first three episode focuses on Aaron, Garroth, Lucinda and Kim arriving at the abandoned property and first days repairing some of the damage. In their first night, the four encounter a mysterious Wolf Girl but they luckily survive undetected. In the next morning, Kim's disappearance alerts the rest of the group, starting a search party. Eventually, Aphmau and Zane arrive at the lodge, with the latter accidentally finding Kim in odd state.

The next seven episodes follows a chain of events. After Aphmau, Aaron, Lucinda, and Kim return from buying supplies, the group, again, are in another state of finding a missing person: Zane. The search is unsuccessful, but a mind-controlled and disguised as "Aphmau" Michi takes Aaron away from the lodge, whilst Zane returns with an off-colored eyes. Near death from the cold, Aaron is found by Aphmau and is saved by the wolf girl, Tatiana using her body heat. At the lodge, Zane's amnesia is alerted by the group and Lucinda investigates to find a solution. 

While investigating, Lucinda found a mysterious book about potions, but she too fell victim to a mind-controlled trance, with Aphmau and Aaron witnessing it being caused by a mysterious Alpha wolf. Aaron later discovered Aphmau herself had fallen victim to the same brainwashing as Lucinda and Zane as she walked into a house in a trance. There, Aaron is greeted by the mastermind, Ein, who did this just to extract revenge on him during high school years.

To fulfill his revenge, he stole Aphmau away from him so that Aaron can awaken his hidden powers out of anger, as he is the Ultima and can turn humans into werewolves. When Aaron refused, Ein forcefully made Aphmau hate him by splashing her with a potion called a Forever Potion that was used on Zane and Lucinda from before (Michi never had a potion on her), offered her a knife and ordered her to kill Aaron. Garroth was kidnapped by Zane and realized Aaron is in trouble but was blocked by Lucinda who defended the house and while he was caught by her and Zane, Aphmau cornered Aaron to a cliff and, despite his pleas, she stabs him with her knife and Aaron falls to his death.

Fortunately, an angel gives Aaron was given a second chance and resolves to save Aphmau from her fate and rushes back to the lodge and was greeted by Garroth, who witness his death, vowing to never give up. Aaron managed to clean up some of his injuries and helped saved Kim from a ghost who was the reason behind her strange behavior. With the ghost's help, he was able to find Lucinda and break her free from the spell.

He then declared war on Ein who decided to split up with Aphmau and Zane. Aaron is already weak from his injuries, but still resolves to save Aphmau. When he realized that they only have enough potions to repel one of Aphmau's Forever Potions on her, Aaron chooses to have her love someone else but still hate him.

Kim and Garroth manages to restore Zane before the effects gone permanent while Lucinda and Tatiana pair up to fend off the wolves while Aaron faces Ein. He goes into a rage after seeing Aphmau's injury when she was slapped for failing to kill him and attacks Ein. He scoffs at how despite the abuse, she will still love him. Aaron awakens his Ultima powers again and removes Ein from his Alpha position by turning him into a human before leaving him at the hands of Tatiana and her pack. He then staggers away to find everyone else.

Aaron let Garroth and Kim release Aphmau who tried to kill him, screaming out her hatred. Aaron instead, embraces her, saying that he will still love his stupid potato. This caused Aphmau to regain her memories of her first meeting of him during high school and the events afterwards and she returns to normal. Aaron, however, has finally succumb to his injuries and passes out from blood loss, with Aphmau screaming in horror.

Aphmau was waiting for his recovery for a full week as people started to gather at the lodge due to its popularity since Michi had run off telling everyone about an Ultima sighting. Sylvana and Eric barges into the lodge and demands Aphmau see Aaron for she is suffering intense regret for what she had done. Derek explains how he failed to shelter Aaron's Utima powers and acknowledged that Aphmau helped calm him. He explains that they have to go to hiding for a year just to help him recover from a comatose state and to avoid people looking for them. He promised that once the year is up, they can go to Starlight Wonderland as the lodge was a mean to gain money.

Aphmau later returns with the gang saying they have to go back home to MyStreet, where she will try to cope a year without Aaron, counting out the days in the sun.


Following the finale, an end credits was shown crediting the official main and supporting cast. This is reflected on the character list: 

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Unseen Characters


Unlike the previous three seasons, this season will be shorter than most, only having 17 episodes. 

The episode 1-3, it followed a 1-4 day cycle, but after the premiered of MyCraft Family Survival and MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Season 2, episodes were uploaded more sporadically. From episode 5-6, it changed to a 6-8 day cycle, with the episode 7 premiering 13 days after. 

Following the small break, episodes returned to airing after 6-8 days, with most episodes premiering weekly. In the final four episodes, they premiered after oddly odds, with 2 days, 5 days, or 8 days after the previous episode. 

Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "The Emerald Secret" February 4, 2017 17:47 The Emerald Secret
2 "Unexpected Visitors" February 5, 2017 15:11 Unexpected Visitors
3 "Happy Memories" February 9, 2017 13:19 Happy Memories
4 "Kiss ATTACK!?" February 17, 2017 14:00 Kiss ATTACK!?
5 "Aaron's New Problem" February 23, 2017 12:37 Aaron's New Problem
6 "Finding Zuzu" March 2, 2017 13:54 Finding Zuzu
7 "Michi's Disguise" March 9, 2017 16:35 Michi's Disguise
8 "Losing Aaron" March 16, 2017 16:30 Losing Aaron
9 "Saying Goodbye" March 24,2017 16:42 Saying Goodbye
10 "Aphmau's Jealousy" March 30, 2017 14:00 Aphmau's Jealousy
11 "The Alpha Werewolf or The Omega Werewolf" April 6, 2017 16:04 The Alpha Werewolf or The Omega Werewolf
12 "Ultima Werewolf" April 13, 2017 19:18 Ultima Werewolf
13 "I Will Always Love You" April 20, 2017 24:37 I Will Always Love You
14 "You Should (Never) Be Alone" April 22, 2017 17:27 You Should (Never) Be Alone
15 "Will You Be Here For Me?" April 27, 2017 18:24 Will You Be Here For Me?
16 "Always..." May 6, 2017 24:24 Always...
17 "I Love You Aaron" May 11, 2017 39:25 I Love You Aaron


  • In the thumbnail of the first episode, Aphmau is seen wearing her formal attire from the first season, but the outfit is not seen during the episode or season. 
  • In the third episode, Garroth's eyes are reverted back to their original look. Though this may have just been a mistake, it is fixed in the fourth episode and onwards.  
  • This marks the first time Katelyn, Kawaii~Chan, and Dante are absent in the first episode of a season.
    • Aphmau and Garroth are the only characters to appear in every season premiere. 
  • Travis is the only main character to make no appearances this season so far.[unconfirmed]
  • Episode 14 is the first ever episode to have a animated clip
    • Afterwards, Jess and Jason were looking for animator to animate the fight scene for the last few episodes according to their Twitter.
    • Episode 16 is the second to feature an animated scene, this time it's a cutscenes that last for several minutes as opposed for a couple seconds, showing the fight between Aaron and Ein.
  • This season is the shortest MyStreet season, with 17 episodes. [4]
  • Season 4 is the first MyStreet season to not have any mini-games during the season, due to the serious plot. As a result Phoenix Drop High mini-games occur between episodes.