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May 5, 2018



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"MyStreet Season 5"

"Her Wish"

The sixth season of MyStreet, fully titled as MyStreet: When Angels Fall was first mentioned by Jason during the development of Season 5. It continues off from the finale of MyStreet: Starlight. According to Jess on Askfm, the series takes a lot of time to brainstorm, lasting up to 7 months of development. This is because, according to Jason on Twitter, Season 6 will be "more like TES", only the amount of emotions is a lot higher than MyStreet: Emerald Secret and every episode will share the same quality as the Season 4 episode, "Always..."; in other words, every episode is very serious filled with overwhelming suspense and emotions.


After "Her Wish" ended, on December 29, New Year's weekend, Jason noted on Twitter that Season 6 will premiere around the same time as Season 4, approximately the first week of February. A fan asked if there isn't going to be any deaths in the season, to which Jason replied "Sorry not sorry", which signified that someone was going to die in the season.

Then on February 4, Jason said that Season 6 is still in production, the most advanced one yet since Starlight, and reveals that Her Wish takes place after Season 6, so fans started to watch it to see who doesn't appear and who does, and start to theorize that those who didn't appear are either doing something else during that time or is dead. Then on March 2, Jason announced that BluJay Studios will work on Season 6 once episode 30 of FCU is released and that he and Jess will start dropping clues all over social media and the fans have to decipher them since he said that it isn't obvious.

On March 6, Jason showed the white board outline of Season 6 and on the ninth a storyboard image of Agent R, signifying his appearance in the season.

Because of how much effort and brainstorming Jess and the crew had to work on for Season 6, she announced on social media that every episode will upload once a week except for the first three episodes; after then, all episodes will premiere every Saturday.

Clue Dropping

On April 4th, Aphmau uploaded a video where she showed bloopers of roleplay and mini-game development. Jason responded with a tweet saying "3:42", signifying fans to go to the time stamp of the video.

The next day, April 5th, Jess and Jason uploaded a cryptic post on Instagram. Jess uploaded a picture of red fire along with a single quote "Justify the means". Jason uploaded a picture of two relics similar to the one of Jess' post, both of them aren't colored with a message written in cryptogram.

Then, from April 5-8 Jess and Jason went to PAX East in Boston, where they hand out a CD called "1/3 When" to fans who see them. On the ninth, Jason uploaded a post on Twitter called "15 Until Midnight".

Jason then uploaded the CD that he handed out during PAX on his YouTube channel showing the content inside. The video is deleted on his channel but the trailer can be seen on Jess' channel. She explains that there won't be anything story-related in the trailers but is made to give fans the hype and feelings about what Season 6 is going to look like.

On the 11th, Jason tweeted "He's helping me with my homework" with a picture of Joseph doing a word search. He also stated "Two of these things are not like the others". The words on the search are important figures to look at for Season 6.

As the days grow, fans started to become annoyed by how cryptic Jason is and made a hashtag stating he should not be allowed on social media. The last clue Jason made before he stopped posting to continue developing was a sentence with missing letters. A fan answered the sentence as "Three episodes day one" to which Jason congratulated them.

Jess then uploaded the second trailer on her channel, with the video stating "2/3 Angels" in the beginning, and ends with Jess say something backwards, which when rewinding the video, says "Previous day in description", prompting fans to go back to the video of Jess making her pets in the Sims 4. The description says "10 until midnight".

On April 23, BluJay Studio's official twitter was created with an announcement on the 27th that the final trailer will be released, making the prediction that something will happen on the 27th, true. The beginning of the final trailer, which begins with "3/3 Fall" was posted on the 28th, with the release date for three episodes on the 5th of May.


Agent R managed to escape the Guardian Forces embargoing the island and reunites with Garroth, who explains what happened a few weeks ago and the scaffold they had to face. Aphmau is undercover as she goes out to get supplies. Derek and co. are analyzing the GF's next plan on the island and how they are going to move inward. With Garroth not in sight, Kim agrees to take his shift to watch. He finally arrives with Agent R with him.

Meanwhile, Katelyn and Travis are fighting with the guards about leaving Starlight and the latter ends up seriously hurt. Aphmau and Lucinda decide to head out and get supplies but Lucinda spots a GF soldier nearby after spilling a can and tries to escape. Luckily, Aphmau was there to stop the guard from chasing Lucinda and they retreat.

Kawaii~Chan wants to go to a hotel gala but was denied by everyone. She eventually convinces them to at least have the best time of their lives for now and they all agree. Derek volunteers to surrender himself to the GF to add time and tells Agent R to give something to Aaron.

While Derek was interrogated by Michael, the hotel where the rest of the gang were staying was suddenly ambushed by GF soldiers. Everyone made it out except for Rachel who, while defending her kids, had to surrender to the GF, and Melissa, who was hit by gunshot after telling Aaron and Kawaii~Chan to go on ahead.

Aaron was starting to lose his emotions much to Kawaii~Chan's worry after the loss of his sister while Lucinda, Garroth and Kim landed in the middle of the Adventure Park. Kim hears voices and then blacks out. She and Ghost then tells the others info about Terry and be weary of him. Garroth meanwhile, decides to go on his own to find his family. Aphmau and Zane ended up in the hotel room a few floors below and a child agrees to let them hide for a while.

Aphmau and Zane escape the room due to the family being interrogated and escape on the streets. Toby finds them while disguise and he chases and interrogates them. Aphmau scoffs at his remarks towards Aaron and runs off with Zane. Lucinda and Kim make a plan to sneak in the GF headquarters in disguise, get some uniforms and escape Starlight on a boat. Blaze and Daniel take Aaron and Kawaii~Chan to their hideout where the two plan their next course. Little do they know that Ein was able to follow them and learn of their secret lair.

When Blaze sent Daniel out to guard, Ein took the opportunity to enter the hideout as a friend and unleashes his fury of potions. Daniel heard what's going on and is shocked to see his friends all under Ein's control. He is then forced to pretend to be under a potion to avoid Ein knowing he's not brainwashed. Aaron and Kawaii~Chan arrived at the beach house where they remember the good old days. Aaron spots the sword that Terry had and a note nearby. Kim and Lucinda don the GF uniform and sneak on the boat, ready to escape. Aphmau and Zane run into Dottie, who lied that Aaron is badly hurt and tells Aphmau to go to the beach to find him. 

While Dottie is leading Aphmau to Ein, Daniel interrupts them and lies to Dottie telling her that he will bring Aphmau to Ein (Alpha) instead. When Dottie goes away, Daniel tells everything that has happened at the camp to Aphmau. While this is happening, Ein is torturing the head of the Guardian Forces (GF). 

Daniel comes running in and tells Ein that there are Guardian Forces waiting outside but Ein sees through his lie. Ein makes two of the other werewolves pin Daniel down as Ein calls to Aphmau using sweet words. 

Aphmau comes out, anger clearly displayed on her face. When she says that she will never obey Ein again, Blaze splashes a Forever Potion onto her. Sparks of emerald green surround Aphmau as the potion takes its affect on her. When Ein calls her, she responds and comes to him, head hung low. 

Ein puts his hands on her shoulders and says "You are right where you belong" . At that moment   Aphmau  looks up to reveal her normal brown eyes before stabbing Ein.


Aaron, just go!

Said by Melissa from Take Them By Force

Kill her

Said by Michael (MyStreet) from Take Them By Force

Aaron, you need to stay with me. Don’t worry i’m here, i’m here, were gonna get you out of here. Were gonna go home, everything is gonna be ok

Said by Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet) From Too Late PT. 2

I know you can hear me, your time is up...everything you protected...everything you saved...will return to nothing, and your little toys...hehe...heHAHAHA...are mine.

Said by Travis (MyStreet) from Too Late PT. 2

There is no stopping it now...As soon as I make him into a new Relic...i’m coming their...and I will kill you

Said by Travis (MyStreet) from Too Late PT. 2

Give it’s your fault we’re’s your fault they hate us so much...No...No more lies, No more betrayed’re the monster...your entire family paid for your mistakes

Said by Blaze (MyStreet) from Out Of Time

I don’t want to die...Aaron...P-Please

Said by Aphmau (MyStreet) fromToo Late PT. 2


Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "When Angels Fall" May 5, 2018 26:38 When Angels Fall
2 "Empowering a Demon" May 5, 2018 17:03 Empowering a Demon
3 "Stay with Me" May 5, 2018 21:13 Stay with Me
4 "Take Them By Force" May 12, 2018 22:13 Take Them By Force
5 "Aaron's Losing Battle" May 19, 2018 23:55 Aaron's Losing Battle
6 "Neither Here Nor There" May 26, 2018 24:10 Neither Here Nor There
7 "Don't Disobey Me" June 2, 2018 20:18 Don't Disobey Me
8 "Too Late PT. 1" September 29, 2018 23:03 Too Late PT. 1
8 "Too Late PT. 2" September 29, 2018 21: 27 Too Late PT. 2
9 "Out of Time" October 14th, 2018 16:45 Out of Time
10 "Gone" November 3rd, 2018 28:54 Gone
11 E
12 T
13 H
14 E
15 R


  • The Season begins a few weeks after the events of Season 5.
  • Unlike previous Seasons, every character now has high definition clothing.
  • Due to the use of more frequent animations, the episodes took more time to develop.
    • An almost 4 month hiatus took place between episodes 7 and 8 due to the team underestimating the production of episodes.
    • There was originally a team of animators, but now there's only one person.
    • There was an incident in which animation progress was lost and had to be replaced with machinima.
  • This is the first season where actual death occurs.
  • Jason has two endings in mind for the season. One is open-ended while the other is to conclude MyStreet entirely.


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