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May 5, 2018



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"MyStreet Season 5"

"Her Wish"

The sixth season of MyStreet, fully titled as MyStreet: When Angels Fall was first mentioned by Jason during the development of Season 5. It continues off from the finale of MyStreet: Starlight. According to Jess on Askfm, the series takes a lot of time to brainstorm, lasting up to 7 months of development. This is because, according to Jason on Twitter, Season 6 will be "more like TES", only the amount of emotions is a lot higher than MyStreet: Emerald Secret and every episode will share the same quality as the Season 4 episode, "Always..."; in other words, every episode is very serious filled with overwhelming suspense and emotions.


After "Her Wish" ended, on December 29, New Year's weekend, Jason noted on Twitter that Season 6 will premiere around the same time as Season 4, approximately the first week of February. A fan asked if there isn't going to be any deaths in the season, to which Jason replied "Sorry not sorry", which signifies that someone is going to die in the season.

Then on February 4, Jason said that Season 6 is still in production, the most advanced one yet since Starlight, and reveals that Her Wish takes place after Season 6, so fans started to watch it to see who doesn't appear and who does, and start to theorize that those who didn't appear are either doing something else during that time or is dead. Then on March 2, Jason announced that BluJay Studios will work on Season 6 once episode 30 of FCU is released and that he and Jess will start dropping clues all over social media and the fans have to decipher them since he said that it isn't obvious.

On March 6, Jason showed the white board outline of Season 6 and on the ninth a storyboard image of Agent R, signifying his appearance in the season.

Because of how much effort and brainstorming Jess and the crew had to work on for Season 6, she announced on social media that every episode will upload once a week except for the first three episodes; after then, all episodes will premiere every Saturday.

Clue Dropping

On April 4th, Aphmau uploaded a video where she showed bloopers of roleplay and mini-game development. Jason responded with a tweet saying "3:42", signifying fans to go to the time stamp of the video. On the time stamp was a newspaper article about a comet possibly sent by an evil force and is possibly on collision to Earth. Fans started to connect that Diaries might be involved in S6 and that the name "Zeid" involves a name from Final Fantasy and it's connection with the Shadow Lord.

The next day, April 5th, Jess and Jason uploaded a cryptic post on Instagram. Jess uploaded a picture of red fire that happens to look similar to the Irene relic Aphmau has in the S1 finale of Diaries along with a single quote "Justify the means". Jason uploaded a picture of two relics similar to the one of Jess' post, both of them aren't colored with a message written in cryptogram. Deciphered, the message reads "I gave the life of our daughter to save the rest of our world". Fans believe this has to with either Aphmau's life or even Alina's life to stop the war on Starlight.

Then, from April 5-8 Jess and Jason went to PAX East in Boston, where they hand out a CD called "1/3 When" to fans who see them. On the ninth, Jason uploaded a post on Twitter called "15 Until Midnight". This is actually a name of a video on YouTube where all there is in the video is a blank screen and another update about the comet posted by Jason himself. What's actually inside the black image is the Irene relic seen in the Irene dimension in Diaries if one were to brighten up the video. Fans theorize that Lady Irene herself might be involved in the season.

Jason then uploaded the CD that he handed out during PAX on his YouTube channel showing the content inside. It shows Ein and his short point of view before, during, and after Emerald Secret and his involvement with his boss, the snake-eyed man, AKA, Michael. The video is deleted on his channel but the trailer can be seen on Jess' channel. She explains that there won't be anything story-related in the trailers but is made to give fans the hype and feelings about what Season 6 is going to look like.

On the 11th, Jason tweeted "He's helping me with my homework" with a picture of Joseph doing a word search. He also stated "Two of these things are not like the others". The words on the word search was: Werewolf, The Guard Force, Ultimas, Aaron, Aphmau, Travis, Garroth, Trapped, Lycan Resistance, Twitter, Hug, Foe, Die, MyStreet, and Starlight (shown twice). Deep in the comments, someone noted that there are two accounts made by Jason called "Lycan Resistance" and "The Guard Force", each with one post that looks like gibberish as if a bot made it. It is actually parts of a URL to an unlisted video of the second Season 6 trailer that shows Sylvana breaking up with Zack and how he wanted to use a potion on Aphmau when she was a toddler. Fans believe that the potion Zack has is the same one Michael wanted Ein to use on Aphmau, shattered by accident and was the reason Lucinda was under Ein's control during the first trailer.

As the days grow, fans started to become annoyed by how cryptic Jason is and made a hashtag stating he should not be allowed on social media. The last clue Jason made before he stops posting to continue developing was a sentence with missing letters. A fan answered the sentence as "Three episodes day one" to which Jason congratulated them.

Jess then uploaded the second trailer on her channel, with the video stating "2/3 Angels" in the beginning, prompting fans to believe that "When Angels" and a third word is the subtitle for the sixth season, many predicting either "Fall" or "Fly". The video also has Jess say something backwards, which when rewinding the video, says "Previous day in description", prompting fans to go back to the video of Jess making her pets in the Sims 4. The description says "10 until midnight" and something happening on April 27 involving the comet scenario from Jason's two clues. Fans interpret that April 27 might be the day the third trailer is released, April 30 might be "5 until midnight" and May 5 be "0 until midnight", the date Season 6 will be released. Jason then mused on Twitter how he could've spend more time with the kids on April 24, which happens to not be a MS clue despite fans stating that it is.

On April 23, BluJay Studio's official twitter was created with an announcement on the 27th that the final trailer will be released, making the prediction that something will happen on the 27th, true. The beginning of the final trailer, which begins with "3/3 Fall" was posted on the 28th, making the prediction of the third word to be "Fall" true. The trailer shows the Lycan residence in Falconclaw guarded by the members of the Guard Force. Agent R is seen breaking in on request from Derek to steal something and bring it to him ASAP and it is shown based on the location that he is on Starlight. He then knocks out soldiers and pretends to be a one on a walkie-talkie as he responds to a man with the same voice as Derek. He sees a briefcase in the trophy room and the trailer ends with the season's logo, design and release date. May 5th was also the date fans believe is the day Season 6 came out and the angel on the design looks like Irene (or Aphmau) from Minecraft Diaries.


Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "When Angels Fall" May 5, 2018 26:38 When Angels Fall
2 "Empowering a Demon" May 5, 2018 17:03 Empowering a Demon
3 "Stay with Me" May 5, 2018 21:13 Stay with Me
4 "Take Them By Force" May 12, 2018 22:13 Take Them By Force
5 "Aaron's Losing Battle" May 19, 2018 23:55 Aaron's Losing Battle
6 May 26, 2018


  • The Season begins a few weeks after the events of Season 5.
  • Unlike previous Seasons, every character now has high definition clothing.


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