Nahakra Village
Some attributes
First Formation: Unknown
Second Government: Lorddom
Third Unknown
Other attributes

 Nahakra Village is a village near O'khasis, and it's known for it's high crime.


Nahakra Village is first seen in season 2 episode 39. James is currently the Head Guard. Not much is said but that it is extremely close to the city state of O'Khasis and it may be a fishing village. It is a very modern village as Aphmau said and it seems that there are some secret passageways in the village.

This village is known for being a target for the Thieves Guild, which is based in the woods near the town.

The Guards of this village might be racist towards Meif'wa. When Amber stole Levin's music box from Aphmau, the guards clearly ignored her cries for help. But when Amber made a quick lie saying Aphmau was a thief trying to rob her, the guards sprinted to try and arrest Aphmau while Amber made a getaway.


Thieves Guild

  • Boss (Boss of The Thieves Guild)
  • Kalzul (Member/Guard)
  • Amber (Yet to be a Member)

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