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Light Blue

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  • Baker
  • Guard in training
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Nekoette (MyStreet)

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"The New Lord"

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She is kawaii, just like her mother and is also similar to her mother in personality.

Nekoette~Tan is the daughter of Kawaii~Chan and Dante. She loves hearing stories about Aphmau and is very kind and curious. As far as we know, she stays at home with Kawaii~Chan and helps her with chores such as cooking. When she has free time, she likes to go outside and play with Rollo, Lello and Dmitri.

In Episode 4 of Season 2, during a game of hide and seek with Rollo, Lello, and Yip, Nekoette~Tan was kidnapped by bandits. Her father Dante was told by Rollo of the kidnapping, and in a blind rage set off without any help or backup, and Aphmau, not wanting for him to get hurt, chased him, and tried to get him to turn around.

Dante suffered an arrow wound during the rescue that appeared at the time to prove almost fatal, and Nekoette~Tan was distraught, and was seen crying by her father's bedside. However, Aphmau inadvertently used her powers from the Irene Relic to heal him back to full health instantly, which was the first time she was aware of their existence, and both Nekoette~Tan and her mother were overjoyed.

Later, she said it was her fault for Dante getting hurt, but Aphmau tries to explain to her that it was not her fault. In Episode 25 of Season Two, Aphmau returns to Phoenix Drop from Scaleswind, and Dmitri is revealed to have been a stowaway on her ship. When Nekoette~Tan met Dmitri, she immediately commented on how they both have blue hair, which she seemed to think was a cute coincidence, and was also delighted to find out they are the same age. She instantly liked Dmitri in a sisterly fashion, and seemed oblivious to the fact that he is similar in appearance to her father, and took him back to the tree house, where she showed him all the cakes her mother had made.

During S2 Episode 49, Nekoette~Tan says that she is now a guard in training! Alexis is acting as her mentor and whenever she isn't around, Dmitri and her practice. Nekoette doesn't exactly know what her she wants her main weapon to be as of yet.

We soon find out that Dmitri is actually Nekoette~tan's brother.

In Season 3, she along with her brother Dmitri joined Bright Port's Junior Guard in training and played with Alina and Lilith in Episode 3.

In episode 14, she rushed to her father's, Dante's, side when he was about to be killed by Gene along with Dmitri. She managed to lock swords with Gene's when he was about to strike Dante, but Gene managed to knock her aside. She and Dmitri rushed her mother, Kawaii~Chan, when they found out she had snapped out of Gene's memory manipulation magic when Gene was about to kill Nekoette~Tan.

Nekoette, Dmitri, Dante and Kawaii~Chan were then seen at Kenmur's grave. The children asked Kawaii~Chan to leave Dante with them as they reassure that him that it's not his fault and as a guard, he often is at fault for a victim's demise, as they understood. Dmitri then tells him that it's not power that makes him a guard and Nekoette agrees with him, helping their father understand that he did his best to save Kenmur.


She has pastel blue hair styled in a braid that hangs over her right shoulder and covers the left side of her face, big, innocent, amber eyes, and white Meif'wa ears. She wears a gradiented pink floral kimono, a pink and green bracelet on both wrists, and beige slip-on shoes.

At Emmalyn 's wedding Nekoette wore a dark blue dress with a brown belt and two blue bracelets on both wrist and a flower made of white daisies.

In Season 3, she is seen wearing a purple robe with grey armor with a sash as a Junior Guard in training.


All we know so far is she likes to talk in third person and about the protagonist, Aphmau. Other than that, she's just a general sweetheart, and enjoys playing both with other kids, with adults, and by herself. A very social and beautiful personality.

Nekoette~Tan is a kind-hearted and curious little girl with big ambitions. She loves stories and is very helpful and caring towards others.

Nekoette~Tan always wanted an Onii-Chan ("Big Brother" in Japanese), but the boys in Phoenix Drop are younger than her. So she thinks of Malachi and Levin as her older brothers, wanting to understand the basics to become stronger from influential males. This comes up again when she excitedly meets Dmitri, who was announced as her half-brother later on.

Magical Abilities

Nekoette~Tan has admitted that she is able to see magicks, unlike both Aphmau or Leona. It is unknown if this talent is a form of magicks or just a trait from either of her parents, specifically Kawaii~Chan since we don't know that much about Meif'was.

Season 3 revealed that Nekoette can also use dual blades and according to her and Dmitri in episode 14, she is very good at using them, as she is the top swordfighter at the academy.


Aaron: Though he is only known to Nekoette as "The Stranger", since he is yet to reveal his true name to anyone besides Aphmau and Laurence, Nekoette has shown to be welcoming towards him, particularly since he aided in her rescue from the bandits, and saving her father from being slaughtered. Calling him simply "Mister" and sometimes lingering near him and trying to make conversation, she is relentless in her pursuit of befriending the man. Aaron seems to soften up to her, as well as the other children in Phoenix Drop, and often feels the need to ensure that they are safe. His reasons for feeling this way towards the children may be because his own child was killed, and he does not want another child to end up the same way, or for another parent to go through the same trauma as he did.

Dmitri: The two children are the same age, and get along extremely well, and since his arrival in Phoenix Drop, they appear to have become more or less inseparable. In Episode 29, it is shown that Dmitri and Nekoette stowed away on Aphmau's ship, which then ran aground on a previously unknown island, and when Aphmau demands to know why they decided to hide below the decks, Dmitri's excuse is that Nekoette had never been on a boat before, and they both wanted to go on an adventure. He then runs off into the woods, Nekoette following in persuit, until they are later discovered by Asmund. In Episode 27 of Season Two, it is revealed that Dmitri and Nekoette are agnate siblings (also known as paternal half-siblings) meaning they have the same father but different mothers, however, when told about this, the news didn't seem to waver their friendship. In Season 3, the two are in the Junior Guard academy where they both rushed to stop Gene from killing their father.

Lello: Lello and Nekoette are good friends. Nekoette is six, and it is stated that the twins are younger than her, so their close ages contribute to their friendship.

Rollo: Rollo and Nekoette are good friends. His friendship is very similar to his brothers' friendship with her.

Kawaii~Chan: Nekoette appears to have a good relationship with her mother, who enjoys teaching Nekoette to cook. However, it is possible that Kawaii~Chan is also rather protective of her, as she has so far avoided talking to her about how Dmitri is her brother, and this may be because she believes that due to Nekoette's young age she would be unable to handle the revelation in a way that would be considered appropriate.

Dante: Dante dotes on his daughter, and appears to be willing to risk his life for her, as he was fatally injured by trying to rescue her from bandits, had Aphmau not used her new-found magic to heal him. It seems that they have a positive relationship, though he does not spend a lot of time with her due to his duties as a guard. She once saved him from getting killed by Gene, and she's also willing to protect her father at any cost. She is also caring and kind to her father, as she and Dmitri helped lift up his spirit after he is depressed from guilt about failing to save Kenmur from his death, for they all share the same role as guards.



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  • Nekoette is a name of Greek origin meaning "people's victory". Coincidentally, and somewhat ironically, this is the same meaning as the name Nicole, which is the name of the biological mother of Nekoette's half-brother. Her name can also be broken up into Neko(猫/ねこ), Japanese word for cat, -ette, a feminine suffix and tan, a childish version of the honorific ちゃん(Chan). The Neko portion is a reference to her Meifwa heritage and follows with her mother's naming scheme in having a Japanese word with an honorific at the end.
  • In Episode 25 of Season Two, it is confirmed that Nekoette~Tan is six years old. This makes her the same age as Dmitri, the son of Nicole, Although he is 3 months older.
    • In Episode 27, it is revealed that Nekoette and Dmitri are agnate siblings (also known as paternal half-siblings) meaning they share the same father, but have different mothers. This explains some similarities in their appearance, such as both having blue hair, despite differing shades.
  • She gave The Stranger the nickname "Mister".
  • She gave Aaron an apple in return for saving Dante. When she does this on another occasion, this time with Aphmau seeing the incident, Nekoette~Tan explains that she gives him apples because she does not know what his favorite food is. She is currently learning how to make apple pie. The Stranger, and Dmitri is her taste tester. Nekoette~Tan does not know that his real name is Aaron, as only Aphmau and Laurence know.
  • Nekoette~Tan ate all of the sugar in her house and Dante blamed her for it. So does Dmitri apparently.


Nekoette will be friends with everyone!

-Nekoette~Tan, Season 2 Episode 7


-Nekoette~Tan, Season 2 Episode 26

Leave my father alone!

-Nekoette~Tan, Season 3, Episode 14