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*Ext. Small wood hut, open on one side, in woods*

Aphmau: Hey guys, my name is Jessica, and welcome to Minecraft Diaries Season 2! That's right, a lot of you guys have been waiting for this to come out, and some of you don't even know what it is. For those of you that don't, I have right here in my hand, my diary, which goes over all the episodes, in terms of days, and what I did. I did a ton of crazy stuff. I had a family, I raised a village, I got a Pegasus, and a Unicorn! It was crazy! I even became the Avatar at some point. But like all good adventures, they come to an end. However, a new one is beginning right here right now, and there's gonna be a ton of crazy stuff. There's brand new mods, there's some interactive story line going on, literally, the whole shebang.

Aphmau walks inside.

So while I put this Diary away, here *looks at cat near the bookshelf* you can see my cat kind looking at me like 'What are you doing?' I'm gonna begin a new one, right here on my desk, and it's gonna be fantastic, and I look forward to you guys joining me on this adventure. So without further ado ladies and gentleman, I give to you, Minecraft Diaries Season 2. Enjoy.

*Ext. Woods, near edge of a village. Two Guards are conversing.*

Guard 1: What are we going to do? Since our last Lord pasted away the people have been going crazy. Not to mention we are running low on local resources, and we have no connection to the other villages.

Guard 2: Zenix, do not worry. I have a plan.

Zenix turns around.

Zenix: Wait! Did you hear that?

A mysterious man, dressed in green and brown, who was hiding behind a tree, runs off.

*Ext. Aphmau's spawn point. Woods*

Aphmau: Day 1, and now it is time to of course find some shelter, before the night falls. As you can see the day has just begun so I have got plenty of time, there's a lot of trees around here, so I should be good in terms of getting, like a crafting bench going, and all that kind of stuff. But let's just go ahead and find a nice little hole... *looks at small hole in the ground* That's a terrible hole I'm not- lets just

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