Niante (Nicole x Dante) is the pairing between the former Head Guard of Phoenix Drop, Dante and the Lord of Scaleswind, Nicole.


In season two, when the timeline jumps fifteen years later, it is found that Nicole had become the Lord of Scaleswind and had a son, Dmitri, while Dante was found to be married to Kawaii~Chan with a child as well. Later into the series, it's discovered that Nicole and Dante used to be in a relationship, but it ended when Nicole left to become Lord of Scaleswind. When she arrived though, she realized she was pregnant with Dmitri, deciding to keep this detail a secret.

By the time she returned to Phoenix Drop, Dante already had started a family with Kawaii~Chan, as she was 3 months pregnant with his child. Not wanting to disturb them, she avoided Dante until Aphmau came back and sorted things out. 

Dante told Aphmau that while they were in Irene's Dimension, his situation with Kawaii~Chan and Nicole was like hers with Garroth and Laurance. Dante didn't discover Dmitri's relation to him until after Nekoette~Tan had found out. Dante and Nicole are still friends, along with Kawaii~Chan, who insists on calling Nicole her "sister".


After Aphmau told Kawaii~Chan to take down the Aarmau shrine she made in their basement, Kawaii~Chan took in down to replace it with another pairing -- Niante!


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Niante image gallery

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