Not-Alone Buddy
Not Alone Buddy
Professional Status

Phoenix Drop High



First Appearance

"First Day of School!"

Not-Alone Buddies, or Friends, is a group of students from Phoenix Drop High, which are compromised of freshman students: Aphmau, Travis and the newly joined Vylad. 

Originally, the group was formed by Aphmau and Travis to avoid being isolated in their freshman year. 

Vylad joined in "Shadow Knights Rule!" as a transfer student from O'Khasis Prep

Although they have no emblem, the group does have a saying. "Hey, Not-Alone Buddy!" 



  • All members are currently in their freshman year. However, Vylad was an 8th grader in O'Khasis Prep before transfering to Phoenix Drop High. 
  • All members also share their homeroom, room 202. 

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