State of O'khasis
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First Formed in ca.900 AI
Second Government:

Monarch-style Lorddom

Third Unknown
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 The State of O'khasis is a City-State in the Ru'aun Region. The State has been known for it's military strength and being naturally aggressive. The city was the capital of a huge empire until Lady Irene overthrew the corrupt king, turning their lost territory into independent villages.



O'Khasis aka "The Forgotten Kingdom" is a place with a lot of history. It used to be ruled by The King but was overthrown by Lady Irene and her followers about 900 years ago. Afterwards it became a city-state and focused on helping villages in need.


Season One

Currently, it is an extremely large and powerful city-state with a corrupt Lord named Garte. They claim to keep monarchs from coming to power, like in the past, but that is a lie. O'Khasis is almost completely dictated by Garte with help from one of his children, Zane. At the end of Season 1, Zane, who comes from O'Khasis, attempted to bring Scaleswind to war with Phoenix Drop.

Season Two

In Episodes 42 and 43 of Season 2, Aphmau is sent to O'Khasis by the thieves guild on to complete her second trial. Aphmau learns that the Meif'wa kind isn't welcome in O'Khasis. Aphmau hides her ears and tail and runs into O'Khasis through the sewers.

Aphmau overhears a vendor talking about Garte and his sons (Garroth, Zane, and Vylad) and she learns that Garte is still Lord of O'Khasis. Later Aphmau hears two boys talking about extremely large ships docking at the docks, and one of the boys implies that the ships are much bigger than any O'Khasian ship. O'Khasis was then invaded by the Tu'la Empire ships. Aphmau along with Amber escaped the city via the sewers. It's unknown if O'Khasis fell under the more corrupt Empire.

In Episode 85 Aphmau has a plan that her, Garroth, and Katelyn to go into hiding in O'Khasis as she believes it is much safer for everyone around her, and that Tu'La will least expect the fugitives to be right "At their front door".


  • Garroth (Past Resident) - First born of Garte, is set to take over being lord as soon as his father dies. He does not want to become a lord and claims that he is not suited to lead others. He fakes his own death and moved to Phoenix Drop after finding out Garte made a peace treaty with Scaleswind that forced Garroth to marry the Lord of Scaleswind's daughter to prevent a war between the two city-states. Is currently presumed dead by O'Khasis residents.
  • Zane (Past (As of Season 2) Resident) - Garte's second born and he is very loyal to his father. In E51 S1, he shows up to Donna and Logan's wedding as he is the High Priest. He claims he was there as a favor, but the truth is later revealed that he is truthfully only there to find Garroth and take him back to O'Khasis to get married. Is currently presumed dead by O'Khasis residents.
  • Garte (Current resident) - The lord of the town. Thought to be evil. Status Unknows as of Season 2.
  • Jury of Nine (Group) - Past guards of Lady Irene, now work for Zane and Garte.
  • Vylad (Past resident) - Third born of Zianna. Adopted son of Garte. Is currently presumed dead by O'Khasis residents. Shadow Knight.
  • Zianna (Current Resident) - Wife of Lord Garte, and mother to Garroth, Zane and Vylad. Rarely leaves her chambers.


  • O'khasis has the biggest Guard Forces in the Ru'aun Region.
  • O'khasis might have been based on Sparta in Classical Greece.
  • O'khasis is the major powerhouse in the Ru'aun Region.
  • O'khasis has recently been attacked by the Tu'la Empire.



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