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This page is a joke! Almost nothing said on it should be taken seriously.

O'Khasis Guard #3 is the hawtest O'Khasis guard in existence. His name is unknown but he makes several AMAZING appearances in Minecraft Diaries. And he's hawt.


O'Khasis Gaurd is shipped with ALL DEH LEDES so here you have a list of the ships. Feel free to Fanfic.

  1. Guardmau: Not to be confused with Garmau, Guardmau is the ship name of Aphmau and O'Khasis Guard #3
  2. Gardoth: Garroth can't help but fall for the guard from his hometown.
  3. Guardlyn - Even Katelyn had to let down her guard (wink) when she saw all dat hawtness.
  4. Gaurdance: Laurance can not resist his charms.
  5. Guard-te: Dante is captivated by his manliness.
  6. Gaurdable: Aww come on even table couldn't resist!


  1. Every thumbnail with him and his posse, he is in front doing an action like holding up his hand or crossing his arms, while his posse stands there in awe being inferior as always. (Think of O'Khasis Guard #3 as the Draco to his posse's Crabbe and Goyle.)
  2. Aphmau had twittered/made a youtube vid discussing shups about shipping him with herself.
  3. One of the options in MCD season 1 ep 51 was she had the option to reject dancing with Garroth and instead danced with him (but of course she said yes to Garroth)


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