Old Friends, New Village
Season 2, Episode 70
Post Date

February 25th, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"The New Village Begins"

"To Scaleswind and Back"

"Old Friends, New Village" is the seventieth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on February 25th, 2016. It runs for 18 minutes and 2 seconds.


"Aphmau heads back to Phoenix Drop to find those who could help with the new village haven."

Episode Overview

The episode begins with a pan Lucinda's home in Phoenix Drop,  and a portal appearing right in front of it, along with Aphmau and Lucinda stepping out of it, Aphmau looking quite tired.

It then cuts to Aphmau laying on the ground, complaining that she feels funny. Lucinda brushes it off, telling her that the teleportation got to her, then assuring her that she'll get used to it, and when Aphmau complains of motion sickness, Lucinda promises Aphmau some of her best ginger concoction when she gets a chance. Lucinda then explains the spell, saying that Aphmau could even cast it herself one day, and when Aphmau sarcastically replies that she's so excited to vomit all over the place, Lucinda replies that there are spells for vomiting as well, then she reminds Aphmau about Levin and Malachi. Aphmau decides to go, and she asks Lucinda if she wants to come with her, but Lucinda denies, saying that she need to check up on the house, and that she might want to get a new one. Aphmau tells Lucinda that once she was done in the village she was going to meet her there.

Aphmau runs to the Stronghold, where she overhears Malachi telling Levin to not take the trade routes near O'Khasis, since Tu'La regions forces have attacked O'Khasis. He is then interrupted by Aphmau calling out to them, and Levin and Malachi notice her immediately. Levin asks how the trip was, and how they didn't expect her back so soon, and Levin then notices that they didn't notice a ship coming in from the docks, and he's about to question her when Malachi stops him, telling him that she needed some time to catch her breath.

Aphmau then tells the two how she got there, how Lucinda teleported them there from the island. Levin and Malachi are excited, and ask what it was like. Aphmau at first has difficulty describing it, but she then is able to, and the camera cuts away to Levin's house, where the three are on the couch. Levin exclaims how crazy it was, an island with intact ruins, and Malachi asks if everyone, including Laurance, was okay.

Aphmau replies, chuckling, that Laurance was fine and when Levin asks what had happened, Aphmau tell him his and Travis's efforts (and failures) to build a house from scratch. Malachi remarks that he could use some help, then he notices that they were building houses, and that meant that they found a home of the Phoenix Alliance. She then asks them for their help in making their new town, and they agree to help, asking what she needs.

Aphmau tells them what they need, builders and farmers to assist in the new village. Levin asks Malachi if they can talk for a second, and they both head over and, after some "whispering" with each other, they tell Aphmau that Yip would be the best choice. Aphmau is about to go out to talk to Donna, Logan, and Yip when Levin stops her to tell her that Zoey should come with Aphmau and assist her. When Aphmau asks why, the boys tell her that she hasn't been out of the house recently and whenever they see her, she's always been a little distracted. Since Zoey wont tell Levin and Malachi, they think a little change of scenery would help her, and Aphmau agrees to go talk to her.

Aphmau walks outside to see Rollo and Lello in their werewolf forms, playing outside the well. Aphmau is about to go to Logan and Donna's house when she spots Yip under one of the trees roots. She calls out to him, and Yip walks over and greets her asking how she got back there. Aphmau briefly explains about the island and their new settlement, then tells Yip about Levin and Malachi telling her to go straight to him.  Yip is excited, and asks Aphmau when they need him. Aphmau tells him to calm down, and reminds Yip that he'll need Donna and Logan's permission. Yip decides to go say goodbye to his family, and before he leaves, Aphmau tells Yip that she has some business to attend to as well, and when they were done, to meet at Lucinda's house. Yip agrees, and he heads off to ask them, and Aphmau watches him go for a little bit, then she heads outside the gate.

It then cuts to Aphmau walking along the path to the docks, then spotting Zoey looking out to the sea from the docks. Aphmau calls out to Zoey and runs down to greet her. Zoey turns around to face Aphmau, exclaiming how good it was to see her, and then realizes that she hadn't come by ship and is about to ask Aphmau interrupts her, telling her about the teleportation spell from Lucinda. When Aphmau asks how things were going, Zoey tells her that it was a little stressful, and Aphmau tells Zoey about their goals about rebuilding the Phoenix Alliance. Aphmau then asks Zoey if they wanted to join her, and when she asks about Levin and Malachi, Aphmau answers that Levin and Malachi wanting Aphmau to take Zoey to the island.

Zoey admits that she has been down a little lately, and that the boys where so observant noticing that, and that since Levin and Malachi don't need her as much as they used too, and a change of scenery is just what she needed. Zoey then suggests that she go to Brendan, since he was good at building, and ask for assistance. Aphmau decides to go to Brendan's, and before she leaves, tells Zoey to go to Lucinda's house when she was ready to go to the new island.

She then starts walking and it cuts to Brendan's house, where he is feeding the horses. Aphmau walks up to Brendan's house, where he is still feeding horses, and calls out to him. Brendan greets her, remarking how long it has been. Aphmau asks how it was around "Brendan's Old Chicken Shaman House" and he tells her that they've made peace with the Chicken Shaman as long as he calls the place that, and that Issa gave birth to a new baby girl not to long ago. He tells Aphmau that now that his little Dell has been born, he wants her to grow up in the community, not some chicken house, since everything smells like chicken.

Aphmau tells him that they needed builders on the island, and that Issa and Dell could settle on the island. Brendan is excited, and tells Aphmau they were going take a while to pack up. Aphmau tells Brendan about the meeting place, then she remembers and asks Brendan if they were going to take the horses. When Brendan says that they were, Aphmau is glad, since they needed some horses. She tells Brendan that she was going to Scaleswind, and he offers her a horse. Aphmau gladly accepts the offer, but Brendan tells her that he was going to give the Chicken Shaman his house back, and Aphmau decides to go with him to give the Chicken Shaman the house back.

The episode ends with Aphmau jumping across the broken bridge to Old Meteli to tell the Chicken Shaman.



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