Oliver is a merchant that came to Phoenix Drop in E88, S1. At first a lost merchant wondering in the woods trying to find Phoenix Drop, Aphmau found him and took him to the town. Later, he travels to Scaleswind and tells Zane and the Lord of Scaleswind that he saw Nicole in Phoenix Drop which, consequently, started a war. Oliver apologized and said he never expected a war to come of it. As a minor character, we know very little about his background, except for the fact that he once went to a village with the same amulet Aphmau has and that the amulet had caused lots of trouble in the town.

As of Season 2, His status is unknown.


He is an older man. He wears a red jacket with a belt and what seems to be a golden necklace. He also wears brown pants and red shoes. He has short, grey hair, a mustache, bushy eyebrows and a beard.


Not much is known about his personality as he is a minor character, but he seems friendly and apologetic. However, he is also willing to make a buck in anyway possible as many merchants are.