Our Last Dance
Phoenix Drop High 28
Season 1, Episode 28
Post Date June 16, 2016
Duration 15:23
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Ask the Girl"
"Aphmau In Wonderland"
"Our Last Dance" is the 28th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on June 16th, 2016. 


"It's prom night At Phoenix Drop High!"

Episode Overview 

The episode starts out with Garroth, Aphmau and Vylad talking about prom. Vylad surprised that both Garroth and Aphmau are going, even to the point of asking. Aphmau being asked by Aaron and Garroth doing it for extra credit. Garroth also asks how Aphmau's mother reacted to Aphmau telling her.

We have a flashback to when Sylvanna cooking ham, stating to herself that she can cook just as well as Aaron. Aphmau comes up to her and tells her that she has something important to say to her. She says that a boy asked her out to prom. Her mom thinks that Aphmau is joking as she is only a freshman. Aphmau says she is not. Sylvanna turns around, furious, she asks if Aphmau did the sassy hair-flip and said no. Aphmau says although she does have the sass, she said yes. Enraged, she asks her who asked her to prom. Aphmau mumbles out Aaron.

A few minutes later Aphmau is in hospital talking to a nurse while Sylvanna lies in a bed, pretty much unconscious from the news she just received. As the nurse leaves the room, Aphmau discovers that Katelyn and her dad, Eric, are just next door. Eric is unconscious. Aphmau asks what happened to him.

It cut-scenes to when Katelyn told her dad she was going to prom. Eric furiously asks who the boy is. Katelyn casually says it is Garroth. Eric, realizing that he is Katelyn's friend, says that that is good because Garroth would understand that Katelyn doesn't want to go. But Katelyn calmly states that she does want to go!

As Katelyn finishes explaining, both adults wake up and start yelling at their daughters about going to prom. The nurse rushes in and tells them that yelling is not good for their blood pressure. They continue yelling so she gives them medication. She tells the girls to look after them as they are a bit struck with amnesia not remembering their daughters asking their parents if they can go. BUT they do remember them going to prom with each other. After receiving their medication. Seeing that their parents are out of it, Katelyn and Aphmau decide to sneakily ask them to go to prom. The parents, not knowing what they are saying, say yes definitely. Katelyn then sneaked the entire ordeal on camera. So if they deny it they have video evidence to prove their point. Fast-forward to the present which is at Garroth's place. Aaron and Garroth arrive and take each other to Prom. As they were leaving, Eric and Sylvanna start bawling about their daughters at Prom. (Comedically). *30 Minutes Later...* They arrive and they start to have fun at the event. But things go wrong when Katelyn and Jeffory (Who, need I remind you, had broke up with each other beforehand.) bump into each other. This caused Garroth to get deffensive and gets angry at him for breaking up with her. It is then revealed that Katelyn broke up with Jeffory. Not the other way around. Katelyn then bursts out into tears stating that he "doesn't have an opinion on anything." This then escolates into Garroth and Jeffory getting into a comedic slap fight like something out of "The Three Stooges." Baffled by this, Aphmau and Aaron decide to go away from the spectacle and head to the music room. Aphmau then tells Aaron to play the guitar, Aaron tells her he isn't good at it, and then plays anyway. Aphmau then breaks down because she will miss him when he is off at College. Then Aaron brings Aphmau over to him, picks her up and then dances with her.



  • Eric and Sylvana are revealed to have went to prom together.
  • Jeffory and Katelyn's relationship ended because of Jeffory's kindness and has no opinion on any subject.
    • Also, while dating the couple volunteered at a puppy hospital.
    • The reason Katelyn broke up with Jeffory is a reference to how in Diaries how Katelyn thought that Jeffory was too nice.
  • The song that Aaron plays is called 'Eternity', the full name is 'Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves'. It is from Final Fantasy.
  • Aphmau also is going to miss Aaron when he's off to college as revealed when Aaron playing the guitar and while Aphmau cries.
  • Sylvana references Sassy Lawyer Chronicles, by saying that Aphmau should have done a Sassy Hairflip and say no to prom.
  • Jeffory's date can be assumed to be Abby's mother, based on appearances.


Our Last Dance - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Prom PT.3 -Ep15:24

Our Last Dance - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Prom PT.3 -Ep.28 Minecraft Roleplay-

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