The Phoenix Alliance is an alliance between the towns of Ru'an. In Season 1, Laurance suggests putting together an alliance to help with the upcoming war, Aphmau doesn't like the thought of war, but accepts the idea.

The first settlement to join the alliance, at its infancy, wasn't an actual town, but the Southern Wolf Tribe, after Aphmau saved Lowell from Bright Port Hunter Omar and Kiva from the Nether in episodes 15 and 18.

The first "town" to join was Bright Port after Aphmau saved the lord. The next town was Pikoro Village, when the alliance was first asked about after Aphmau saved their Lord. The third town was Meteli after Aphmau, once again, saved their Lord and his daughter, Cadenza. All four settlements helped Aphmau and her town in the Battle of Phoenix Drop. After the battle, the final town to join was Scaleswind.

15 Years Later (Season 2)

In Season 2, Aphmau finds out that the Phoenix Alliance fell apart after she and the rest of her friends disappeared into the Irene Dimension. Seeing that she is not Lord of Phoenix Drop anymore, she sets out to put together the Phoenix Alliance once again and become the leader of it (Not to be confused with Lord of Phoenix Drop, just the leader of the Phoenix Alliance, not the town). The first town to join was Phoenix Drop. Aphmau now wants to look for a place to set up as a capital of the alliance, where people can take shelter, and to gather and give supplies to help other members in the alliance. There was also plans to have a Tri-Village alliance between Bright Port, Phoenix Drop, and New Meteli.  

In Season 2, Episode 68, the very last thing Aphmau says, is; ''This is the new home, of the Phoenix Alliance.'' She is talking about the unnamed island that the crew arrived at in Episode 65. The island most likely has a connection to the Divine Warriors, or at least one of them; Lady Irene.  

Allied Villages/Kingdoms

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