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Phoenix Drop High School
Phoenix Drop High School

Phoenix Drop High School




Abandoned/In Disrepair (Currently)

First Appearance

Phoenix Drop High is the high school Aphmau and many MyStreet characters attended. The school is the main setting for the MyStreet Phoenix Drop High series.

Sometime between Graduation Days and Lover's Lane, the school was abandoned.

At the current MyStreet timeline, every character have graduated.  Their school mascot is Flame Talons. 









School Staff

  • Chad (Former Principal)
  • Layla (Principal)
  • Gavin (Werewolf Teacher)
  • Hyria (Witchcraft and Magicks Teacher)
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Unnamed Teacher 1
  • Unnamed Teacher 2
  • Homeroom Teacher
  • Mr. Tony
  • Mr. Castor
  • Art Teacher
  • Mrs. Shelby (Teaches Language Arts)
  • Mr. Max (Teaches Math)
  • Mr. More ? or Mr. Moar ? (Hot Teacher / Homeroom)
  • Mr. Arnold (Gym Teacher)
  • Mr. Bob (Drama Teacher)


Clubs and Sports

  • Witchcraft Club
  • Magicks Club
  • Art Club
  • Anime Club
  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Theater Club
  • Debate Club
  • Meif'wa Club
  • Werewolf Club
  • LGBT Club
  • Writing Club
  • Music Club
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dating Club (unofficial)
  • Shadow Knights (unofficail)
  • The Jury (unofficial)


  • The school looks very similar to the real life central high school in little rock Arkansas
    Phoenix Drop High School
  • The title "Phoenix Drop High" is a reference to Phoenix Drop in Minecraft Diaries, one of the main locations whom Aphmau was the Lord of.
    • Also, O'Khasis Prep is a reference to O'Khasis from Minecraft Diaries, as they were the main enemy of Phoenix Drop. In this series, O'Khasis Prep and Phoenix Drop High are rivals and this is also present in Minecraft Diaries.
  • In MyStreet, it is implied multiple times that all the characters attended the same high school.
  • All of the characters are given slightly higher-pitched voices to fit with their younger age. For example, Zane's voice on MyStreet is very deep, however in this series his voice is very high. However, some of the older students, such as Aaron, have not had a voice change. This is likely because these characters have hit puberty and their voices already changed.
  • Aphmau is shorter than the average player, implying that she may have been shorter in high school. The same thing goes with the teachers.
  • In the series, it is mentioned multiple times that Aphmau was taken out of public school for a year. This is loosely based off a real life occurrence when Jess had been taken out of public school by her father soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took place in New York. She was homeschooled for a year before returning to public school.
  • Like MyStreet, Meif'wa and Werewolves appear to be part of the norm as some students have these features (ears, tail).
  • Due to the series being a prequel to MyStreet, magicks exist in this universe as well. This is proven true in "Cat Fight!" and "She-Wolf".
  • The school is scheduled to be on block schedule.
  • The school have a dress code where students must wear uniform.
  • The school's emblem is a purple Phoenix that is facing up and a small purple droplet is seen on the side.
  • The school's colors are gold and purple.
  • In the Pixel Painters episode "Transfer Student", Vylad is said to be from O'Khasis Prep and is going to become a freshman soon, suggesting that he is a child prodigy. This officially becomes true in the episode "Shadow Knights Rule!".
  • According to this series, the Ro'Meave brothers were born about one year apart. Garroth being a Sophmore, Zane being a Freshman, and previously, Vylad being an 8th grader (then a freshman).
  • In the same episode, Garroth and Vylad hint that they used to play with an unnamed girl when they were young. The person they are describing is Aphmau, as she was very close friends with the Ro'Meave family before she had moved. This is proven in the episode "Cool Moms", where Zane was injured in the eye, a similar event that occurred during their early years, which is mentioned by Zianna.
  • Currently, Jess is 26 years old (2016) in real life and her Phoenix Drop High counterpart is 14 years old, making a 12 year difference. The approximate timeline of the series would be around the 2004-05 school year, making her class the Class of 2008.
  • Several references to known animes such as Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail are said. However, these statements contradict the timeline as both were released during the early 2010s, while it is speculated that the series took place in early 2000s.
    • The series also uses technology that is far more advanced than it actually was during the timeline. For example, Aphmau is in possession of a smartphone, but smartphones were not introduced until 2007.
      • However, these outside references and advanced technology are most likely because of a retcon. The use of a retcon is to connect with the current audience and generation through the use of known references and modern technology.
  • According to Principle Layla, the School has Werewolf insurance, which means any damage made by werewolves should be fixed.
  • The school has its own werewolf pack with the currently known ranks being the Alpha Male, the Alpha Female, the regular werewolves, and the Omega.
  • To keep the students safe, the school has a policy in which werewolves are not allowed to drag humans and meif'wa into werewolf violence. Any werewolf caught breaking that rule is immediately expelled or even arrested as well if the damage is severe enough.
  • It is unclear what caused to school to be abandoned by 2016. (information may not be updated)

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